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SLS Audio MiEMi-m IEM Coupler

SLS Audio MiEMi-m IEM Coupler

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MiEMi™ (pronounced Mimi), is an acoustical coupler that allows you to take repeatable measurement of In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) with off-the-shelf measurement hardware and software.

The MiEMi fits to the end of an iSEMcon EMX-7150 microphone. The IEM is then inserted snugly into the MiEMi’s rubber fitting. Driving the IEM from the interface’s headphone jack allows a transfer measurement to be taken between the IEM and the reference loopback, similar to how a loudspeaker would be measured.

The MiEMi is a cost-effective solution, particularly for existing EMX-7150 owners, and allows consistent, repeatable measurement results to diagnose IEM issues and verify performance over time.


  • solid milled aluminum housing
  • flexible design allows for use with custom and generic IEMs
  • 7mm, ¼”, opening fits iSEMcon EMX-7150 microphones


  • 1 MiEMi
  • 1 Rubber coupler gasket
  • Plastic protective enclosure

For full product information, check out the MiEMi User Guide