How are perpertual licenses billed?

    Perpetual Licenses are paid for once, in-full, at the time of purchase.

    How are subscription licenses billed?

    Annual Subscription Licenses are billed in-full for the entire year at the beginning of the subscription period. Auto-renew is automatically selected as the default setting for the subscription and unless you cancel your before the end of the subscription period your credit card will automatically be billed for an additional one year subscription at then-current pricing. You authorize us to store your payment method and to automatically charge your payment method each year until you cancel.

    What is the difference between a Perpetual License and a Subscription License

    Check out the Perpetual vs. Subscription License comparison page for details on the license types.

    Can I upgrade my current license to a subscription?

    No. If you have a version of Smaart prior to v9 (which are by default perpetual licenses), you can upgrade to a perpetual license of Smaart v9 at one of the prices outlined above. But if you want to move to a subscription license of v9, you will need to purchase a new separate Subscription license, with no discount available.

    Can I pay for a Subscription via check or ACH?

    No. Subscription licenses can only be purchased via credit card, and only online.

    Can I upgrade from Smaart v6 (or v5, or v4...)

    Upgrades to v9 are available from Smaart v7 onwards. This includes v7, v7 Di, Di v2 and v8. Versions of Smaart prior to v7 are ineligible for upgrade.

    I missed the Introductory Pricing deadline. Can I still get a discount?

    As of January 1, 2023 the introductory pricing discounts for perpetual licenses of Smaart v9 have expired. Sorry, no exceptions.

    I bought Smaart right before v9 launched. Do I have to pay to upgrade?

    If you purchased Smaart v8 or Smaart Di v2 between June 1 - September 26, 2022 you automatically received a free upgrade to Smaart v9. If you bought v8, you received a license of v9 Suite. If you bought Di v2, you received a license of v9 RT. Check your license management account at