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Smaart LE

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Key Features


  • Unlimited simultaneous RTA measurements and live average of RTA data
  • Fractional-Octave banding up to 1/48th octave resolution
  • Fractional Octave or Line view of RTA data
  • View data as banded, lines, or both simultaneously
  • View Peak Holds and Target Curves (including cinema X-curves)
  • Accurately display SPL levels per 1 and 1/3 octave bands with calibrated inputs
  • Fast, Slow, & Infinite data averaging selections, plus “none”


  • Spectrum-over-time with amplitude represented by color
  • User definable dynamic range
  • Scrollable line history
  • Adjustable slice height resolution
  • Full color or grey scale

Real Time Mode: Transfer Function (dual channel)

  • Magnitude, Coherence, Phase, Live Impulse Response (Live IR) graphs
  • Unlimited simultaneous TF measurement and live average of TF engines
  • MTW data aquisition
  • Up to 1/48th oct smoothing for magnitude and phase graphs
  • Reference delay finder with frequency filtering
  • Automatic reference delay tracking
  • Progressive averaging selections of 1-10, plus infinite.
  • Supports AES-75

SPL (Sound Pressure Level)

  • View 1 SPL metric at a time
  • SPL A, C, & Unweighted Fast and Slow
  • Peak C, Peak Z (unweighted)
  • 1 user definable Leq metric (A, C, Z, time integration from 1sec-24 hours)
  • User definable ‘traffic light’ meter display colors
  • Read Only

Signal Generator

  • Multi-output; mono, multi-mono, stereo
  • Independent output trim
  • Random, Pseudorandom, SMPTE, and speech weighted noise
  • Sine wave and File playback (.WAV .AIFF)
  • Optional noise fade-in

Data Acquisition

  • Unlimited simultaneous input and output channels
  • ASIO, Wav, and CoreAudio driver support
  • Input calibration for SPL
  • Integrated gain and phantom power control with gain tracking for the Roland OctaCapture

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Smaart v9 platform have changed from Smaart v8. Please read the requirements below carefully to ensure v9 is compatible with your system.  

Minimum Req. Windows  macOS
OS Version Windows 10 (64-bit only) macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
Processor / CPU 6th gen Intel Core i5 or similar/newer* 6th gen Intel Core i5 or similar/newer (2015 or newer)
Any Apple Silicon M series
Memory / RAM 4GB 4GB
Graphics Hardware supporting DirectX 12** Any
Display 1024 x 768 1024 x 768
Sound ASIO® or WAV/WDM drivers Core Audio drivers


Note: Minimum requirements are established to ensure reasonable performance when default settings are used. Consider a more powerful computer if you plan to use large FFT sizes, or run many measurements at the same time.

*Smaart does not support "Windows on ARM"

**Must support Feature Level 12 / WDDM 2.0+

Licensing Information

A Perpetual License does not expire.  A Perpetual License is billed in-full for the cost of the license at the time of purchase, and remains valid indefinitely for the specific edition and version of the software you are licensed for.

Perpetual Licenses are delivered via email, and must be registered to a Smaart License Management Account (either new or existing) in order to access the installers for your license.

A Perpetual License is refundable within 30 days of purchase as long as it has not been registered to Smaart License Management account or installed on a computer. Once it has been registered and installed, it is non-returnable and non-refundable.

Perpetual licenses of Smaart Suite and Smaart RT come with 2 installation seats and perpetual licenses of Smaart LE and Smaart SPL come with 1 seat. Once a license has been registered, you can purchase additional seats for it through your Smaart License Management Account.

Perpetual Licenses can be upgraded to different editions of Smaart within the same version cycle (i.e. upgrading from Smaart RT v9 to Smaart Suite v9), and to subsequent versions upon their release (i.e. upgrading from Smaart Suite v9 to Smaart Suite v10). You do not lose your previous license when you upgrade.

An internet connection is required for initial activation of a Perpetual License and for receiving updates. Once activated, Smaart perpetual licenses can be operated offline.

Support, including updates and bug fixes, is provided at no cost for the duration of the license as long as the version of Smaart you are licensed for is the most current release.

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Smaart LE is an edition of Smaart's Real Time Mode interface where the measurement settings for Spectrum and Transfer Function are fixed. LE uses the same measurement configuration process standard to the Smaart v9 platform, including multiple simultaneous Spectrum and Transfer Function engines with available live measurement averaging. Smaart LE contains the core, essential, functionality for day to day frequency response measurements (RTA, Spectrograph, Live IR, Phase, Magnitude, Coherence).

If you are a Smaart user and have never changed the settings from defaults, LE is the ideal version of Smaart for you. LE is also a great choice for Students, people starting on the Smaart platform, and anyone who doesn't require the advanced SPL mode or IR Mode functions found in Suite.


Real-Time Mode

For a majority of Smaart users, Real Time mode is what makes Smaart smart. The single channel Spectrum, and dual channel Transfer Function measurements are essential tools for professional sound engineers all around the world. Real-Time Mode is specifically designed for sound system engineers to be able to accomplish their alignment and optimization work quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


SPL Limitations

Smaart LE allows for calibration of any and all inputs for SPL, and calibrated spectrum measurement. LE offers a single, read only, SPL meter in the main interface for viewing common SPL values without all of the advanced SPL mode features like logging, reporting, alarms, etc.


Smaart RT vs Smaart LE

Both Smaart RT and Smaart LE offer the same multi-input, multi-output, multi-measurement capability. Where they differ is in the depth of settings and advanced user functions. RT is the exact same RT mode as Smaart Suite. LE is a stripped down version of RT.

  • Full-featured flagship Smaart program including all three industry standard measurement modes (Real Time, Impulse Response, and SPL), with no functional limitations. If you are a current Smaart user, Suite is the direct upgrade from v8. 


    Check out Smaart Suite 
  • Stand-alone version of the Real Time Mode interface of Smaart Suite. RT includes all of the Real-Time mode features in Smaart Suite with no limitations or changes to the FFT-based measurement functionality. There is no IR mode and no SPL mode.

    Check out Smaart RT 
  • An edition of Smaart's Real Time Mode interface where the measurement settings for Spectrum and Transfer Function are fixed. If you are a Smaart user and have never changed the settings from defaults, LE is the ideal version of Smaart for you.

    Check out Smaart LE 
  • A stand-alone version of the SPL Mode interface within Smaart Suite. Smaart SPL is ideal for engineers, facilities, or businesses that don't require the real-time frequency and impulse response capabilities found in Smaart Suite.


    Check out Smaart SPL