Smaart Edition Comparison

With Smaart now being offered in several different editions, you may be asking yourself
"Which Edition is Right For Me?"

Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself when narrowing down which edition is right for you

Do I need to the ability to create real time spectrum and transfer function measurements, monitor and log SPL data, and be able to make acoustical measurements to calculate specific intelligibility criterion or RT60?

If YES, then you need Smaart Suite, the full-featured flagship edition of the Smaart platform.

Do I need the complete feature set of Smaart’s Real Time Mode, with limited SPL functionality, and have no need for Impulse Response Mode?

If YES, then Smaart RT is probably the right choice

Do I need spectrum and transfer function measurements, with no frills or advanced features because I mostly use the default settings anyway?

If YES, then Smaart LE should be a good fit

Do I need to make acoustic measurements, examine reverb times and structure or calculate specific intelligibility criterion (like STI, Clarity, T60, etc)?

If YES, then you need Smaart Suite. Those capabilities reside in Smaart Suite’s Impulse Response mode, and are not included in RT, LE, or SPL.

Do I need significant SPL/Leq monitoring and logging?

If YES, then you must use either Smaart Suite or Smaart SPL. Smaart RT and LE do not support multiple SPL meters, logging, or any of the advanced SPL functionality found in Suite and Smaart SPL.

Still Unsure?

Here are some feature comparison charts and a product selection quiz to help you choose

If you still have questions about which edition is right for you, feel free to contact us.