These are the people in our neighborhood....

  • Karen Anderson

    CEO & Den Mother
    Founding Member of Rational Acoustics

  • Jamie Anderson

    Founding Member of Rational Acoustics

  • Calvert Dayton

    Founding Member of Rational Acoustics

  • John Aldrich

    Director of Technical Operations

  • Chris Tsanjoures

    Director of Product Management

  • Alissa Tsanjoures

    Sales & Office Manager

  • Jess Gingras

    Sales & Office Administrator

  • Casey Guli

    Technical Support Specialist

  • Hannah Goodine

    Application Support Specialist

  • Tim Lalor

    Principal Software Engineer

  • Fred Lichtenfels

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Gavin Canaan

    Training Programs Manager

  • Liz Paglione

    Web & IT Manager

  • Michael Lawrence

    Smaart Instructor / Hyphen Wrangler

  • The 7 System Dwarves

    Official Mascots of Rational Acoustics.  LEARN MORE

'Round here, we take our work very seriously. Ourselves, not so much....