Measurement Microphone Icon Reference

We use icons to help differentiate between the various measurement microphones available in our store, and to guide users towards the microphone(s) most suitable for their needs.  Following is an overview of those icons:

"FREQUENCY RESPONSE": This microphone is suitable for frequency response measurement

“SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL”: This microphone is suitable for critical SPL measurement.

: This microphone has a low sensitivity and produces relatively low voltage output. It is a good match for preamps with maximum input levels of about +10 dBu or less.

: This microphone has a high sensitivity and produces relatively high voltage output. It should be used with preamps having a maximum input level of +19 dBu or greater. Using this microphone with preamps having lower maximum input levels may result in overloading at concert SPL levels, even with the gain setting all the way down.

: This product is suitable for test and measurement of In-Ear Monitor systems, including frequency response and SPL of generic and custom-molded IEMs.