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Earthworks M30

Earthworks M30

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The M30 features a flat frequency response from 3 Hz to 30 kHz, and an exceptionally consistent omnidirectional polar response. It has a max 140 dB SPL rating, without distortion. The Earthworks M30 is a very solidly built microphone, resilient against most temperature and atmospheric fluctuations to deliver reliable results in any environment. The M30 offers an extended high frequency measurement range that has found use in scientific research laboratories, tropical rainforests, and even rocket testing facilities. The M30 is truly a lab-grade audio instrument.

Every M30 is delivered with its own printed frequency response chart. A detailed Electronic Calibration File (ECF) is generated for each microphone during final testing. Your microphones individual ECF can be downloaded from the Earthworks website after product registration.

Note: When measuring SPL at concert levels the relatively high sensitivity of Earthworks measurement microphones can overload most input device preamps. If SPL measurement is critical, we recommend that you confirm that your preamp’s max input level meets or exceeds +19 dBu to prevent overload. 


    • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
    • Frequency Response Characteristic: Free Field
    • Frequency Range: 3 Hz – 30,000 Hz (+/- 1 dB @ 3Hz, +/- 3 dB @ 30 kHz)
    • Sensitivity: 34 mV/Pa, typical (exact value indicated on calibration chart)
    • Operating Voltage: 24-48VDC Phantom Power
    • Max SPL: 140 dB SPL


    • 1 Earthworks M30 microphone
    • 1 Mic Clip
    • 1 Calibrator Adapter
    • 1 Calibration Chart
    • ** Electronic Calibration Files may be requested directly from Earthworks after mic has been registered
    M30 Data Sheet