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About Smaart

Smaart is professional audio's most widely used acoustic test & measurement software platform.

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Smaart Editions

Smaart is available in 4 different editions. All editions are derived from the same code base, ensuring that they all share the same fundamental GUI, the same command and control structure, the same operational paradigms, and are cohesive right down to the hotkeys.

The only difference between the editions is their feature set.

Smaart Suite

Smaart Suite is the full-featured, flagship, edition which includes all three of Smaart's powerful measurement modes (Real-Time, Impulse Response, and SPL) with no functional limitations. For users who require Smaart's full feature set across all three measurement modes.

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Smaart RT

Smaart RT is Smaart Suite's Real-Time Mode as a stand-alone edition containing all of the core multi-engine FFT-based measurement capabilities – RTA, Spectrograph, Transfer Function and Live Impulse Response. For users who simply require the completed advanced functionality of the Real-Time Mode.

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Smaart LE

Smaart LE is a simplified, streamlined version of Smaart's Real Time Mode in which many of the advanced settings and adjustments for Spectrum, Transfer Function and Live IR measurements are pre-set and fixed. In effect, like operating RT on its default measurement settings.

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Smaart SPL

Smaart SPL is the power of Smaart Suite’s SPL mode as a stand-alone edition. Smaart SPL includes all of the multi-channel, remotely monitorable, SPL metering and logging features found in Smaart Suite, in a simplified, purpose-focused package.

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Smaart Edition Comparison

Not sure which edition of Smaart is right for you?? Here's some information to help you decide.

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Licensing Options

Smaart is available as either a Perpetual License or as an Annual Subscription License.

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Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Smaart v9 platform differ from previous versions.
Please read the requirements carefully to ensure v9 is compatible with your system. 

Smaart v9 Minimum System Requirements