Smaart v9.1 Update Available

The 9.1 update is FREE and recommended for all Smaart v9 users.

Key New Features in v9.1 include:

  • SyncSource™ Synchronized Transfer Function Measurement

  • Audient® EVO 4/8/16 device integration

  • Signal Generator Fade-In

  • New Data Averaging Time Constants

  • Added default Peak SPL metric

  • Measurement Configuration Access from Impulse Response Control Bar

  • Enhanced Unified Data Capture

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Updates

Not all new features are available in all editions of Smaart v9.

For a complete, edition-specific list of new features and bug fixes in the 9.1 update, please review the Smaart v9.1 Release Overview or consult Smaart v9.1’s internal help files after updating.


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