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  • New Multi-Output Signal Generator

  • New Real Time Live I-FFT

  • New Real Time Mode Timer Macro

  • New Transfer Function Measurement Processes

  • New Measurement Behavior

  • New Smaart Editions


  • More Powerful Transfer Function Engines

  • More Intuitive Measurement Configuration

  • Larger FFT Sizes for Transfer Function Measurement

  • Aesthetic Re-Fresh and Unified Interface Elements

  • Plug and Play Hardware Support

  • Data Bar Enhancements

  • New Graph Area GUI with Intuitively Placed Controls

  • Signal Generator Output Presets


  • Improved Application Start-Up Time

  • Improved Graphics Rendering

  • Support for Apple Silicon

  • 64-bit OS Support



    Smaart Suite Edition

    Smaart Suite is the full-featured flagship Smaart program including all three industry standard measurement modes (Real Time, Impulse Response, and SPL mode), with no functional limitations…Smaart Suite has it all.


    Smaart Real-Time Edition

    Smaart RT is a stand-alone version of Smaart's Real Time Mode - an essential toolset for system alignment and optimization. Smaart RT does not include IR Mode or SPL Mode. RT does include advanced Live IR functionality and a single, read only, SPL meter.


    Smaart Limited-Feature Edition

    Smaart LE is a version of Smaart RT, where many of the measurement settings have been pre-set and locked down. LE is designed as an ideal entry to the Smaart platform, or for users who don’t want, or need, the advanced settings and functions found in RT.


    Smaart SPL Edition

    Smaart SPL is a standalone version of Smaart Suite’s SPL Mode, designed for applications where only SPL measurements are required. SPL does not include any FFT based frequency or time domain analysis.



    All editions of Smaart v9 will be available for purchase as perpetual licenses.

    This is the way Smaart has been licensed since the beginning. Users who buy a perpetual license of Smaart pay for their license once, up-front, and can then use that license uninterrupted for the life of the product.

    All updates and bug fixes for v9 perpetual licenses are included at no extra cost.


    Smaart Suite, Smaart RT and Smaart LE will be available for purchase on an annual subscription basis.
    (Smaart SPL is only available as a perpetual license)

    Users who purchase a subscription license pay for the yearly subscription cost in-full at the time of purchase and their license will remain active as long as the subscription is current. Subscriptions are auto-renwed on an annual basis unless the user opts-out.

    Updates and bug fixes for v9 subscription licenses are included at no extra cost as long as the subscripion is active.

We know you are dying to ask

Smaart v9 FAQs

When will Smaart v9 be released?

Smaart v9 is slated for a late summer 2022 release. Check back to this page for updates. Or sign up for our mailing list to be notified when a release date is announced.

How much does Smaart v9 cost?

Pricing for Smaart v9 will be announced once a final release date for v9 has been determined. (see question above).

Will there be special introductory pricing for v9?

You bet there will. Early adopters, stay tuned.....

What if I just bought Smaart v8 or Di v2?

Users who purchase Smaart v8 or Smaart Di v2 (either as a new license or an upgrade) within 90 days of the launch of v9 will receive a free upgrade to v9 once it is released. If you purchased Smaart v8 you will get a free license of Smaart v9 Suite. If you purchase Smaart Di v2, you will get a free license of Smaart v9 RT.