Smaart v9 Measurement Configuration

Direct, easy to use, and intuitive - each aspect of Smaart v9 was held to that design imperative. Until v9, there has never been a more direct measurement configuration process, and because Smaart Suite, RT, and LE share the same essential Real-Time Mode interface - this process is now consistent across the entire Smaart platform. Each edition of Smaart v9 utilizes the same exact configuration process for creating Spectrum and Transfer Function engines. 

In the Control Bar for Transfer Function (TF) or Spectrum (Spectrograph or RTA) measurements, there is a new “Phantom Engine.”

The Phantom Engine allows direct access to the New Engine Configuration dialog for Spectrum and Transfer Function Engines, contextual based on which control bar you are selecting from. 


 To show the full measurement configuration, with engines of all types, the channel(s) that make them up, and the buttons to create, delete, or open measurement engine settings, select the hammer and wrench (  ) button. From here you may also drag n' drop already configured engines directly in to the control bar. 

To re-order engine, simply select and hold to drag engines up or down from directly within the control bar.  



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