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No Junk.  No Hype.  Just Solid Gear For System Tweaks

Here you will find a collection of some of the most useful audio gear necessary to outfit yourself with a top notch system measurement and alignment rig.  Of course you can purchase Smaart v8 and Smaart Di here, both new licenses and upgrades. You can also check out our selection of Measurement Mics, Audio I/O Interfaces, Mic Stands & Clamps, and other assorted goodies.

This is also the home of a couple of other nifty Rational Acoustics branded accessory items such as the Noise Stick phantom powered pink noise generator and the MICro Case protective carrying case for your precious measurement mics.

All of the gear sold in our store is used in real-life by the staff here at Rational Acoustics and/or our instructors worldwide.  We don't sell gear that we can't personally recommend or that we have never tried.  If it's in the store, it means we like it... and we think you will to. 

We're always on the lookout for new gear to add to our store, so be sure the check back frequently for new product offerings.

Thanks very much for shopping our store!

– Your Friends at Rational Acoustics, LLC

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