Smaart Version Comparison

There are essentially 4 basic questions to ask yourself when determining which version of Smaart is most appropriate for you:

  • Do I need to make multiple simultaneous Transfer Function measurements or need to be able to view two+ live Transfer Functions at the same time, or view live averages of those Transfer Functions?
    If yes, then you must use Smaart v.8. Smaart Di can only measure one Transfer Function at a time.

  • Do I need to make acoustic measurements, examine reverb times and structure or calculate specific intelligibility criterion (like STI, Clarity, T60, etc)?
    If yes, then you need Smaart v.8. Those capabilities reside in Smaart v.8’s Impulse Response mode, and are not included in Di.

  • Do I need to perform Spectrum or Transfer Function measurements?
    If yes, then you must use either Smaart v8 or Smaart Di. Smaart SPL does not include any Spectrum, Transfer Function, or Impulse Response measurement capability.

  • Do I need significant SPL/Leq monitoring and logging of more than 2 inputs at a time?
    If yes, then you must use either Smaart v8 or Smaart SPL. Smaart Di only supports basic SPL/Leq monitoring and logging of 2 inputs at a time.

Here is a comparison chart of some of the key feature differences between the 3 current versions of Smaart:

Smaart version comparison


Smaart v8 is the fully featured, multi-channel version of Smaart, capable of performing unlimited, multi-channel Spectrum and Transfer Function measurements.  It also includes a full Impulse Response mode, capable of performing high resolutions IR measurements to determine a full suite of acoustic performance criterion and the full suite of SPL monitoring capabilities with advanced SPL metrics and the ability to monitor and log an unlimited number of inputs.

Smaart Di v2 is the limited-feature, dual-channel version of Smaart.  It offers the same Spectrum and Transfer Function measurement capabilities as Smaart v8, but can only support a single input device and 2-inputs at a time. It does NOT offer any of the Impulse Response mode acoustic measurement capabilities nor does it have the advanced SPL monitoring and logging functions of Smaart v8 or Smaart SPL.

Smaart SPL is a stand-alone SPL monitoring program encompassing all of the advanced SPL monitoring features found in Smaart v8, in a streamlined purpose-built package. Smaart SPL does NOT perform Spectrum, Transfer Function or Impulse Response measurements.

If you still have questions about which version is right for you, feel free to Contact Us, and we'll be happy to help guide you.