A Perpetual License does not expire.  A Perpetual License is billed in-full for the cost of the license at the time of purchase, and remains valid indefinitely for the specific edition and version of the software you are licensed for.

Perpetual Licenses are delivered via email, and must be registered to a Smaart License Management Account (either new or existing) in order to access the installers for your license.

A Perpetual License is refundable within 30 days of purchase as long as it has not been registered to Smaart License Management account or installed on a computer. Once it has been registered and installed, it is non-returnable and non-refundable.

Perpetual licenses of Smaart Suite and Smaart RT come with 2 installation seats and perpetual licenses of Smaart LE and Smaart SPL come with 1 seat. Once a license has been registered, you can purchase additional seats for it through your Smaart License Management Account.

Perpetual Licenses can be upgraded to different editions of Smaart within the same version cycle (i.e. upgrading from Smaart RT v9 to Smaart Suite v9), and to subsequent versions upon their release (i.e. upgrading from Smaart Suite v9 to Smaart Suite v10). You do not lose your previous license when you upgrade.

An internet connection is required for initial activation of a Perpetual License and for receiving updates. Once activated, Smaart perpetual licenses can be operated offline.

Support, including updates and bug fixes, is provided at no cost for the duration of the license as long as the version of Smaart you are licensed for is the most current release.