Smaart Di (Dual-Channel Interface) v2 is a limited-feature version of Smaart. It offers the same Spectrum and Transfer Function measurement engines as Smaart v8, but can only support a single input device and 2 inputs at a time (2 Spectrum, 1 Transfer Function). Di v2 is for real time measurement only, it does not offer Impulse Response Mode, not does it have the robust and advanced SPL monitoring and logging functionality found in Smaart v8, or SPL.

Key Features

  • Dual Platform (Mac & Windows operating systems)
  • Single Channel Spectrum RTA & Spectrograph measurement
  • Dual Channel Transfer Function (Magnitude, Coherence, Phase, Live IR) Measurement
  • Spectrum inputs 1 & 2 are automatically assigned to the Measurement and Reference channels of the default TF Engine
  • Configure multiple TF “Pairs” for use with multi-channel interfaces
  • Simple SPL measurement & logging of two inputs at a time
  • Intuitive Data handling system mirrors the computers file management system
  • API for 3rd party applications or Smaart-to-Smaart remote control via the Client Window
  • Signal Acquisition via Core Audio, ASIO, and WDM/WAVE audio drivers
  • Integrated control for the Roland OctaCapture (+48v, Polarity, Gain & Gain Tracking)