The Smaart Educational Partnership Program allows partner institutions access to deeply discounted pricing for multi-install licenses of Smaart in order to outfit entire computer and/or audio labs within their program. In addition, partner institutions receive training material support and discounts on personal licenses for students and staff.

Enrolling in the Smaart Educational Partnership program includes the following benefits:

  • Discounted pricing for Smaart Educational Multi-Install Licenses
  • Access to Smaart educational materials
  • Discounts on personal licenses for faculty and currently enrolled students
  • Use of Smaart software logos in course and educational program descriptions.

Educational Multi-Install License (EML) Pricing:
Smaart EMLs are priced per-install, with a 10-install minimum

    Software Price per Install Minimum Installs Minimum Total
    Smaart v8 $125 10 $1,250
    Smaart Di v2 $95 10 $950

    Educational Multi-Install License (EML) Restrictions:

    • Institution program or department must sign a separate EML License Agreement prior to delivery of an EML.
    • EML Licenses may be installed on any/all institution-owned computers within the registered program / department..
    • Software under an EML may NOT be installed on student or faculty personal computers.

    Training Materials:
    Smaart Educational Partners can request access to selected portions of Rational Acoustics' Smaart training materials, which may be used only as part of course materials required for an instructor-supervised class offered by the Partner’s educational institution. These materials may not be distributed publicly via printed or electronic means.

    Faculty and Student Software Pricing:
    Once an EML has been purchased by an Educational Partner institution, currently enrolled students and faculty may purchase individual licenses of Smaart software for their own personal use at half (50%) of published list price. Enrollment/Employment verification is required via the Student/Staff Verification Form

    Upgrading From a Previous Version EML:
    Because of the deeply discounted pricing for Smaart EMLs, we do not offer upgrades on these licenses.


      Register your school to take advantage of the discounts and benefits of the Educational Partnership Program



      Contact your local Rational Acoustics Dealer or Distributor to find out
      how to enroll your school in the Educational Partnershp Program


      If you are a student or staff member at an existing Educational Partner institution and you would like to purchase a discounted Smaart license