Choosing a 10EaZy Product

How do the different software versions of 10EaZy affect Class compliance?

There are four variations of 10EaZy to choose from. 10 EaZy Class 1 and Class 2 are fully compliant with IEC/ANSI standards for sound pressure measurement and documentation. 10EaZy RT is only Class 2 Compliant, and 10EaZy SW is not class compliant.




Class 1

Class 2



Class 1 Compliant




Class 2 Compliant



Pre-Calibrated Class 1 Hardware and Software




Pre-Calibrated Class 2 Hardware and Software



USB License Dongle




Large Display

Intuitive UI

Multiple SPL Formats

Additional display/Public viewing output

Webserver for remote viewing

E-Mail server for results delivery

Comprehensive report exported to .jpg

Leq Value and History Display

Logfile validation tool



Minute-by-minute logfile



Running Order logfile ID feature








If you require Class 1 compliant measurement information, you must purchase the 10EaZy Class 1 system, which provides a minute-by-minute log file of the measurement session (a full list of features can be found in each products page). This is not yet a legal issue on a federal level here in the United States. However – town, state, or corporate ordinances and regulations will be much easier to defend or enforce with the full 10EaZy Class 1, or full 10EaZy Class 2 system if appropriate for your use case.

10EaZy RT is compliant with Class 2 measurement and documentation, however its .jpg display of measurement results is not compliant with Class 1 documentation. It is for this reason that you cannot use Class 1 compliant hardware and claim Class 1 compliance with 10EaZy RT. Important to note here is that you cannot upgrade 10EaZy RT software and use your Class 1 or Class 2 microphone/hardware system to create fully documented Class 2 compliance without significant cost to the user – and here is why:

In order for the 10EaZy system to be calibrated for Class Compliance, the whole system must be calibrated together, which includes all hardware and software. A user will be required to send their whole system to Rational Acoustics for re-calibration at the users expense.

For informational purposes, 10EaZy SW is a fine tool. However, due to hardware variations 10EaZy SW cannot be guaranteed by its manufacturer (SGAudio Aps), or Rational Acoustics, as class compliant. 10EaZy SW provides the same feature set of 10 EaZy RT, with a disclaimer on the screen stating that the values cannot be guaranteed accurate. Furthermore, 10EaZy SW has a different background color to differentiate it from Class 1 and Class 2 compliant 10EaZy or 10EaZy RT systems.

It is difficult to say with certainty which system is appropriate for you. It is important that you evaluate the situations you will be working in; for example the noise regulations of the area surrounding an airport may be different than those in a casino game room, or a live outdoor concert. In general, this is a ‘better safe than sorry’ type of situation, where having the ability to record Class 1 or Class 2 data can come back to save you in a legal situation.