Smaart v8.5 Released

Smaart v8.5 Released

The FREE Smaart v8 update includes a major overhaul of Impulse Response Mode as well as a new "Advanced Delay Finder" dialog , new features and improvements to SPL and Transfer Function measurements and various bug and crash fixes.

Notable feature additions in Smaart v8.5 include:

  • Overhaul of Impulse Response Mode to allow measuring, viewing and manipulating multiple IR measurements simultaneously. 
  • New IR Data Bar, Plot Legend and Spectrograph controls and improved Speech Transmission Index (STI) calculation dialog.
  • SPL Log File reports in color pdf format with email option.
  • "Advanced Delay Finder" dialog with more advanced capabilities like octave-filtered delay measurements with user-adjustable center frequencies.
  • Features to support the M-Noise™ Procedure for measuring loudspeaker maximum linear sound levels (currently under AES Standards development) including an unweighted Peak sound level metric and MTW+, a supercharged version of the MTW (Multi Time Window) Transfer Function process that eliminates high-frequency gaps in the MTW calculation pipeline.
  • Support for importing Meyer Sound SIM® 3 project (.bin) files via the "Import ASCII" dialog

For a complete list of the new and improved features of Smaart v8.5, review the The Smaart v8.5 Release Overview or consult Smaart 8.5's internal Help Files.

For an overview of key feature additions and updates, check out the "What's New in Smaart v8.5" video.

Update Instructions:

If you are running Smaart v8 (8.1 or newer), Smaart Di v2 or Smaart SPL, and are connected to the internet, simply open Smaart and click File>Check for Updates.

If you are running Smaart v8.0, log into your license management account at to download the latest installer. Once downloaded, run the new installer and it will overwrite the old installation.

If you are not connected to the internet, you will need to find a computer that is, log into your account and download the latest installer onto an external storage device to transfer it to the computer running Smaart.

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