Smaart Gear Choices

Smaart Gear Choices


The huge range of available computers, microphones and audio interfaces available on the market today can make buying gear for your measurement rig a daunting task.  To help Smaart users navigate this process, we have created the Smaart Gear Choices: Guide to Choosing Gear for Your Smaart Measurement Rig

Smaart can be used with a wide variety of hardware options to suit a range of measurement applications. There is no one-size-fits-all Smaart rig – each user must configure a system that suits their individual needs and budget.

At its core, a complete Smaart measurement system consists of three main components:

  1. Host Computer (Signal Processing)
  2. Audio Interface (Signal Acquisition)
  3. Measurement Microphone(s) – (Acoustical Probe)

The Smaart Gear Choices guide explores practical and application considerations for each of the 3 main Smaart system components above. For each of these components, what you need is a function of how you use (or intend to use) Smaart. Does the rig need to be rugged and quickly deployable for touring, or will it sit on a workbench? Does the hardware need to be rack mountable, or fit in a backpack? Giving some thought to your needs and priorities ahead of time makes for wise gear investments and results in you having the right tools for the job.

Click HERE to check out the guide and get ready to make some Smaart Gear Choices.

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