Lectrosonics Wireless Buyers Guide

Lectrosonics Wireless Buyers Guide

When it comes it wireless measurement systems, Lectrosonics is widely considered the gold standard. Here, we’ll shed some light on some common questions that Smaart users have when exploring the Lectrosonics product offerings, and offer some advice to help you decide which system is right for you.

Lectrosonics systems fall in to two categories – Digital Hybrid & Fully Digital. We carry two versions of the Digital Hybrid systems in inventory, both based around the HMa transmitter. The Digital options are a substantial leap forward in stability, linearity, and range thanks to the new DPR digital wireless transmitter and are available as special order items.


DPR vs HMA frequency response comparisonFigure 1. Digital DPR (orange) vs Hybrid HMa (purple) Frequency Response


Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Kits & Internationally Compatibility

The two kits we carry in stock from Lectrosonics - the TM400 and the ZS-LRHma L-Series, fall into the Digital Hybrid category. The digital audio chain eliminates compander artifacts, and provides audio frequency response flat from 30 Hz to 20 kHz (see purple trace, Figure 1). The TM400, comes in a Pelican-style hard case as a turn-key kit – just add a microphone, interface and laptop with Smaart installed. The TM-400 is not CE Certified for use in Europe; it is only legal for use in the United States. The ZS-LRHMa L-Series Kit is a similar package, albeit with a soft case and compact (non-rack mountable) receiver, which is optionally battery powered.

If your wireless measurement system will see use both within the US and internationally, your best option is the ZS-LRHMa L-Series Kit. If you are an international customer and have stumbled into this blog, unfortunately Rational Acoustics cannot sell any of these kits to customers outside of the US. If you are based within the US and intend to take your wireless measurement system abroad, consider the ZS-LRHMa L-Series Kit.

Frequency Block Specification

Rational Acoustics stocks the B1 block for both Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid systems. B1 block has the most overlap of frequencies that are legal in the United States AND the European Union. The new Digital Systems are inherently A1+B1 block. If you are considering the new Lectrosonics Digital Wireless equipment, block choice is a non-issue. 

Q) Why do you only stock B1 block?

A) Because B block has the most crossover of frequencies that are legal to use in the US and Internationally. C block is illegal in the United States.

Q) Which frequency block should I use?

A) B1 block has the most overlap between legal frequency bands in all parts of the world. The US uses only A1 and B1 bands now. Europe uses A1, B1 and C1, Australia uses mostly B1 and C1, etc. B1 is the best band for worldwide use.

Lectrosonics Digital “D2” Wireless Systems

The new D2 (“D Squared”) represent the 4th generation of Lectrosonics digital wireless technology. These systems are inherently non-companding thanks to a fully digital signal path after the initial AD conversion at the microphone preamp. The Digital systems offer exceptionally linear frequency response (see Figure 1, orange), and a form factor that allows users to pack an incredibly robust measurement kit into a compact travel package.

We offer the DCR822, which is a compact 2-channel receiver (it will fit in your back pocket, so it takes up very little room in a travel case or measurement kit) and the DSQD 4-channel receiver which is a half rack space unit with analog, AES, and Dante output options. The DPR transmitter pairs with the D2 receivers via IR and include some additional features, including the ability to record directly to an SD card on the transmitter. This has myriad benefits for post processing measurements and remote recording work, or just for having a backup of the measurement session.

All of the D2 Digital products in our store are available via special-order, and have a slightly longer lead-time than our in-stock products (usually 1-2 weeks).  If you have any questions about special order products, feel free to email us.

Backwards Compatibility:

The older HMa transmitters (from the TM400 or ZS Kits) are compatible with the D2 wireless systems, but the digital wireless transmitters are not backwards compatible with the hybrid systems. This means that someone could use the transmitter from their TM400 or ZS kit with the DCR822/DSQD digital receivers, but they cannot use the newer DPR transmitters with the older hybrid gear.

Check out Lectrosonics.com for more information on all of the products discussed here as well as detailed product specifications.

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