Buying Smaart Online Explained

Buying Smaart Online Explained

You've chosen the version of Smaart you want.  You've entered your credit card information, clicked "Pay Now" and your order goes off into the cloud.  So what happens next? 

If you purchase an "Electronic Delivery" license:

  • Once your credit card has been authorized and your purchase confirmed you will receive 2 emails from the Rational Acoustics Online Store
    • 1) An Order Confirmation email with the details of your purchase
    • 2) A License Code delivery email which will contain your unique Smaart License Code number as well as step-by-step Registration and Activation instructions.
  • The Order Confirmation email contains a link to a pdf copy of an invoice for the order, should you need one for documentation/reimbursement purposes. For European customers the Invoice will also show your VAT number, if you entered it upon checkout.
    • The License Code email will arrive from the email address "".  It should arrive almost immediately after the order confirmation email. If you do not receive your License Delivery email within 30 minutes of receiving your order confirmation email, please be sure to check your spam folder.  If you haven't received it within a couple of hours, and you have checked your spam folder, contact us via phone or email and we'll be happy to track it down for you.
    • After you receive your License Code email, you MUST go register your license via our online Smaart license management site at  Only after you have registered your license will you be able to access and download the installers for Smaart.  There are no links directly to the installers included in the License Code email. 
    • Once you have registered your license, downloaded the installer, and followed the instructions in the license code email for activating Smaart on your computer, you should be good to go.
    • Note: For security purposes, our store system and our license management system are separate, meaning that if you created an account when you checked out of the store you WILL NOT be able to automatically log-in to the license management site using the same credentials.  You will have to create a new account at the license management site to register your license. Since the two systems are not connected, you can create the same username and password for both, if you want. (That is between you and the internet security gods).

    If you purchase a "Hard Copy Package" license:

    • Once your credit card has been authorized and your purchase confirmed you will receive an order confirmation email with the details of your purchase
    • We will ship out your Hard Copy Package via whatever shipping method you chose upon checkout.  We try to ship orders out within 24-48 hours of receiving them (weekends excluded).
    • The Hard Copy Package of Smaart includes
      • A CD containing both the Mac and Windows installers for Smaart, the Installation ReadMe file and the Smaart help files
      • A License Code Card containing your unique Smaart License Code (don't lose this before you register your license!!)
    • The Hard Copy Package does NOT include any printed documentation, help files or user manuals.  These are all available for download via the Support Section of
    • We do not send out license codes from Hard Copy Packages via email. You will be unable to register, install or activate Smaart on your computer until you receive your shipment.
    • After you have received your CD and run the installer, you will still need to register your Smaart license to an online license management account at, which usually involves painstakingly typing in the characters from the license code card and praying you don't make a typo and have to start all over again.
    •  Because there is possibility that we have released updates to Smaart between the time a CD was burned and when it arrives in your mailbox, we recommend that after you have activated Smaart on your machine, check for the latest updates by clicking "File"->"Check for Updates" and then follow the prompts to complete setup.

    If it sounds like we are trying to dissuade you from purchasing a Hard Copy Package license, it's because we are.  And not just because we hate burning CD's.  Electronic delivery licenses are available immediately and much easier to track, register and manage.  And you'll save the $25 Hard Copy surcharge, so you can buy yourself something extra like a mic case or a t-shirt.

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