Rational Instructors

Meet some of the Smaart-est guys on the planet….

Jamie AndersonJamie Anderson

Jamie has been teaching and working in the field of sound system engineering, measurement and alignment for over 20 years. During his career, he has worked as a technical support manager and SIM instructor for Meyer Sound Laboratories, as a system engineer on tour for A-1 Audio (kd Lang) and UltraSound (Dave Matthews Band), and most recently, as a product manager and instructor for SIA and EAW. more >

Arthur SkudraArthur Skudra

Mr. Arthur Skudra has over 20 years experience in designing technical media systems, including acoustics, sound, lighting, and video systems, for very large auditoriums, theatres, stadiums, and contemporary churches throughout North America.  more >

Harry BrillHarry Brill

Harry Brill Jr. is a freelance audio engineer based in Central FL. Harry started mixing in church at age 11. His work experience includes mixing bands, festivals and fairs, system design and integration, touring, corporate audio, system optimization, and consultation. His experience gives him insight into how measurement and optimization fit into the world of combat audio, where time is always at a premium, and logistics don’t always allow for the optimum design.  more >

James WoodsJames Woods

Español: James Woods es un destacado ingeniero de sonido que vive en España y que encabeza la empresa Woods Engineering, con sede en Madrid.

English: James Woods is a prominent audio engineer living in Spain and is CEO of Woods Engineering, based in Madrid.  more >

Salvador Castaneda

Salvador has been involved professional audio for the past 20 years with a special emphasis over the past 10 years on sound reinforcement training and education. He has taught countless seminars, courses and clinics around the world for manufacturers such as Meyer Sound & D&B Audiotechnik and has toured with artists such as Andrea Bocelli, The Beastie Boys and Peter Gabriel.  more >

Michael HaeckMichael Haeck

Michael is the owner of AudioTec, as well as the house sound engineer at the Cologne Arena and one of the most well known and well respected live sound engineers in Germany.  Michael has been a Smaart instructor since 2006, having taught over 20 classes throughout Germany and Austria. more >

Fernando FortesFernando Fortes

Fernando is an Electronic Technician and Electrical Engineer, with 18 years dedicated to professional audio. His work includes sound design for many musical theater shows in Brazil as well as project engineer for theaters, museums, houses of worship, retails stores and many other installations. Fernando has been involved with Smaart training since 2008 and is now the official Smaart Instructor for Brazil.  more >

Chris Tsanjoures PR Image1Chris Tsanjoures

Chris is a Product Manager at Rational Acoustics. This puts him in a unique position to split his time between the development of the Smaart Platform, and training folks on the use and theory behind it. Chris holds a BA in Music Production & Technology from the Hartt School of Music and is an active freelance sound engineer for various production companies. more >

Davide Lombardi

Over the last ten years Davide Lombardi has provided his technical skills for rock stars and pop singers, actors, opera stars and musicals. In the world of contemporary music alone he has worked as sound designer and system engineer for artists as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Amy Winehouse, Foo Fighters, James Taylor, Oasis and many others. more >

Foto Francesco ApolloniFrancesco Apolloni

Francesco Apolloni has over 30 years experience into professional sound world. In his career he has been working as recording and mixing engineer, live FOH engineer, system engineer, consultant, trainer and legal expert. As trainer he developed programs and teaching methods specific for sound business. more >

Jakup Knudsen

Jakup has worked for many years as a system engineer on a variety of shows ranging from corporate events to concerts and festivals.  He has worked with pretty much all of the major loudspeaker systems out there, from Meyer Sound to JBL to L’Acoustics and d&b and everything in-between.  more >

Aleksandras (Alex) Ratmanovas

Alex Ratmanovas has been active in the field of professional audio for over 12 years in the Baltic and Russian regions. His experience includes system engineering, live mixing for major acts, broadcast mixing of “The Voice of Lithuania” TV series, and technical production for events ranging from clubs and fashion shows to corporate events and festivals. more >