Hosting a Smaart Class

Rational Acoustics offers two different types of Smaart Training Classes:  Public and Private. 

Public Class
– Rational Acoustics acts as the session host, with the support of a local partner who provides the

class venue and all required AV equipment in exchange for four (4) free spots in the class as well as a free license of Smaart v.8 (a $3,995 retail value). Rational Acoustics assumes all hosting responsibilities including publicity, enrollment, payment logistics, instructor fees and expense, travel costs and catering costs.  So apart from providing the space and gear, there is no financial impact for a class host. This option is best suited for sound companies or venues such as clubs, churches or theaters who have the space and equipment available and are looking for Smaart training for their staff.

Private Class
– A client hires Rational Acoustics to conduct a training session for their employees and invited guests only.  These classes are not open to the general public and do not get listed on the Rational Acoustics web site.  A private class host assumes all hosting responsibilities (venue, AV equipment, enrollment logistics, catering, etc..). The client is also responsible for payment of the Rational Acoustics instructor fee as well as travel and hotel expenses for the instructor while on location.

The private class option is best suited for companies who may have a large number of employees needing training, or for companies or venues who have specific training needs outside of the normal Smaart training curriculum

We are always on the lookout for venues to host Public Smaart Training Classes. 

Overall, training facilities for Rational Acoustics classes need to provide a comfortable and well lit environment with reasonable/clearly defined attendee access. Further, during the class hours facilities usage must be dedicated to the session purposes (not shared) and free of unreasonable noise limitations. Classes consist of 2 days of classroom instruction and 1 day of practicum.

Both classroom and practicum sessions require the following equipment:

• XGA projector and screen (or suitable video monitor(s)), and a 20’ video cable to connect laptop to projector
• Whiteboard and dry erase markers (or equivalent)
• Session sound system (see details below)
• A mic stand
• Ample AC power distribution for instructor, student and session gear

Additionally, for larger class sizes or facilities a vocal sound reinforcement system and headset microphone (preferably wireless) for the instructor may be required.

Classroom Session Requirements:

Classroom sessions can be conducted in any size room capable of comfortably holding the class seating and instruction set up.

Classroom session facilities must provide:

• A seat and table space for each student with ample room for laptop computers
• A separate table and seat for the instructor at the front of the class
• Ample AC power distribution for instructor rig, class laptops and class sound system
• An area for setting up an measuring a small sound system
• An area for catering items and /or lunch seating

Classroom sound system minimum requirements are:

• A small mixing console
• A system processor – 2in x 4out minimum
• A bi- or tri-amplified loudspeaker with appropriate amps
• A small self-powered loudspeaker (for delay demonstrations)
• All necessary interconnect cables and spare XLR mic cables

(These systems are used for the measurement demonstration portions of the sessions and should be separate from any instructor vocal reinforcement systems being used.)

Practicum Session Requirements:

Practicum sessions require larger spaces with enough room for a more complex sound system than their Classroom session counterparts. Often, these sessions are hosted in actual performance venues. Due to the fact that student computers are not used in the Practicum session, no student seating and table space is required.

Practicum session facilities must provide:

• A seat and table for the instructor measurement rig
• Ample AC power distribution for instructor rig and class sound system
• Ample space for the Practicum class sound system
• An area for catering items and /or lunch seating

Practicum Session sound system requirements for the live measurement sections of the class are:

• A small mixing console
• A system processor – 3 in x 6 out minimum
• Two (2) medium format arrayable loudspeakers with separate amps for each
• A medium format self-powered loudspeaker for use as a delay system
• Two (2) subwoofers with separate amplification for each
• All necessary interconnect cables and spare XLR mic cables (4 x 25’ minimum)

Rational Acoustics will supply the following for all training classes

• Instructor measurement rig including
– -Laptop with appropriate Smaart versions installed
– -Measurement preamps w/cables for connection to system
– -Measurement microphones & microphone SPL calibrator
• Stereo signal distribution system capable of supplying 16-24 measurement signal feeds to student laptops.
• Appropriate adaptors and connection cables

Each public Smaart Training Class is 3 days long and goes from 9-5 each day.  We try to hold the classes on Tuesday – Thursday and classes are generally capped at 20-30 people, depending on the venue.

If you are interested in hosting a Smaart Training Class at your venue, please click on the button below to submit a Smaart Class Hosting Request Form.