Hosting a Smaart Class

We are always on the lookout for venues in the US to host Public Smaart Training Classes. If you have a venue, and the right gear, and are willing to let us use it, have we got a deal for you…..

In exchange for providing the class venue and all required AV equipment, Rational will provide a public class host with four (4) free spots in the class as well as a free license of Smaart (your choice of version… v8, Di v2 or Smaart SPL).

In this situation, Rational Acoustics assumes all hosting responsibilities including publicity, enrollment, payment logistics, instructor fees and expense, travel costs and catering costs. Meaning that apart from providing the space and gear, there is no financial impact for a class host. This is a great option for sound companies or venues such as clubs, churches or theaters who have the space and equipment available and are looking for Smaart training for their staff.

Each public Smaart Training Class is 3 days long and goes from 9-5 each day. We try to hold the classes on Tuesday – Thursday and classes are generally capped at 20-30 people, depending on the venue.

As much as we’d love to be able to hold Smaart classes in every venue that offers, there are some general requirements that must be met for consideration:

Venue Requirements:

  • Training facilities for Rational Acoustics classes need to provide a comfortable and well lit environment with seating and work tables (with ample room for laptop computers) for a minimum of 20 people. 
  • A larger area is required for Day 3, with room for students to actively walk around the room and sound system (or the ability for the the tables and chairs from Days 1 & 2 to be removed).
  • Ample AC power distribution must be available for the instructor’s equipment, class laptops and the class a/v equipment.
  • For the duration of the class, the venue (or room within the venue) must be dedicated solely to the Smaart Class and free of unreasonable noise limitations. (i.e…. we can’t hold a Smaart class in the middle of your active warehouse).
  • Class equipment must be able to be left in place for the duration of the class and the venue must be able to be secured from public access during off hours (i.e…. we don’t want to have to set up and break down the class equipment each day because the room is being used for something else during the evenings).
  • Catering must be allowed in the venue and an area for catering setup must be available.

General A/V Requirements:

  • HDMI projector and screen (or suitable video monitor w/HDMI connection), and a video cable of suitable length to reach the Instructor’s computer (~20’)
  • Whiteboard and dry erase markers (or equivalent)
  • Ample AC power distribution for instructor’s area, students’ computers and session gear.
  • For larger class sizes or facilities: a vocal sound reinforcement system and headset microphone (wireless) for the instructor

Sound System Requirements:

For Days 1-2
(These systems are used for the measurement demonstration portions of the sessions and should be separate from any instructor vocal reinforcement systems being used) 

  •  3x Boom style mic stands (round base preferred, tri-pod OK)
  • Two (2) medium format array-able loudspeakers*
  • One (1) subwoofer*
  • All necessary interconnect cables
  • 3x 50’ XLR or 6x 25’ XLR cables

 For Day 3
(In addition to the above)

  • One (1) medium format loudspeaker for use as a delay system*
  • One (1) subwoofer (2 total)*

*Self-powered loudspeakers may be used. For passive systems, host is responsible for providing appropriate, and separate, processing, power and XLR drive lines to the instructor for each system.

Click HERE for an example of a typical class layout for Days 1&2

Click HERE for an example of a typical class layout for Day 3

Rational Acoustics will provide the following for all public Smaart training classes:

  • Qualified class Instructor
  • Instructor measurement rig including a Dante enabled open-architecture DSP platform (BSS, Symetrix, or similar) for:
    • Measurement microphone preamps
    • Mixing console
    • System DSP
  • Laptop with appropriate Smaart version(s) installed
  • Measurement microphones & microphone SPL calibrator
  • Multi-channel Dante Virtual Soundcard based signal distribution kit including
    • Six (6) Eight (8) port network switches
    • CAT5 cabling to attendee laptops
  • All appropriate class materials such as manuals, t-shirts, etc..