Smaart Applications Seminar

Standard Session Length: 8 hrs.

Course Description:


This course covers basic applications of Smaart (and in some courses, Smaart AcousticTools) for loudspeaker and sound system alignment and response optimization. This course relies primarily on in-class measurements and examples of real-world data to cover its subject matter. As much as possible, this course concentrates on data interpretation as much as acquisition. And as in the Fundamentals course, special attention is paid throughout the course to the subject of measurement accuracy and validity.

Topics Covered:

*** Note – Topics covered will vary with class focus, experience and interests. ***

Fundamentals of sound system alignment/optimization.

  • Fundamentals of system engineering
  • System design for “alignability”

System Alignment Techniques

  • Crossovers (including “mains to subs” crossover)
  • Delay and support system alignment

Reading that damn phase trace!

Techniques for improving data quality

  • Magnitude and Coherence Thresholding
  • Using averaging and coherence

Measurement mic placement

External Device Control

  • EQ and Processors control
  • Basic troubleshooting


This course is offered for experienced Smaart users as well as persons who have attended the Smaart Fundamentals course. Prior system alignment experience is not required, but is helpful. This course assumes a working knowledge of professional sound system engineering practices and basic audio fundamentals. If you have any questions concerning course prerequisites, please do not hesitate to contact Rational Acoustics prior to registration.