Rational Acoustics Training Session Hosting Requirements:

Provided by host (or local partner):

  • Facilities for session (see below)
  • An SVGA or XGA video projector w/ projection screen (see important note below).
  • White board and dry erase markers
  • Session sound system. (see below)
  • Catering (see below).
  • Directions and lodging information for attendees.
  • Session ID tags or laminates. (optional)

Provided by Rational Acoustics

  • Instructor.
  • Smaart measurement system and signal distribution rig.
  • Course materials.

Facility Requirements:

The training facilities need to provide a comfortable and well lit environment with ample seating and work space for all course attendees. Facilities should provide:

  • A seat and table space for each student with ample room for a laptop computer.
  • A separate table and seat for the instructor at the front of the class.
  • Ample AC distribution for instructor rig, class laptops and class sound system.
  • An area for setting up and measuring a small sound system    (see below).
  • An area for catering items.
*Important Note: The video projection screen is the focal point of the training course.  It is of the utmost importance that EVERY ATTENDEE BE ABLE TO CLEARLY VIEW AND DISTINGUISH THE IMAGES ON THE PROJECTION SCREEN. Seating should be arranged with this priority in mind. Inadequate image projection (screen/image too small, too dim, or views obstructed) will seriously detract from course quality and effectiveness.

Sound System Requirements:

The following is the minimum sound system requirements for a course session:
A small sound system comprising:

  • A small mixing console
  • A system processor – preferably Smaart controllable (contact us for a list)
  • A CD Player for music source
  • A Bi- or Tri-amplified loudspeaker with appropriate amps & crossover
  • All necessary interconnect cables and spare XLR mic cables.
  • A mic stand

For larger class sizes or facilities: A headset microphone (preferably wireless)  and vocal sound system for instructor.

Contact Rational Acoustics for any questions regarding system suitability.

Hospitality / Catering Requirements:

For all participants:

  • All Day: Coffee, Tea and assorted soft drinks (juice, soda & water)
  • Morning snacks: Donuts, bagels, muffins, etc.
  • Informal Lunch – sandwiches, pizza, chips, etc.