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What does it mean to "upgrade" a license?

Every time a new major version of Smaart is released (v7 -> v8, Di -> Di v2, etc), we allow our customers who own the previous version the option to "upgrade" to the newer version for a reduced price. This upgrade works the same as purchasing a license normally through our webstore, however when purchasing an upgrade you are required to verify the license code for the previous version in order to proceed with the purchase. The only difference between an upgrade purchase and a regular license purchase is the price.


When purchasing an upgrade for Smaart, you do not lose access to the previous license or any of its activations.


Discount license upgrades are only available via electronic delivery for up to three versions prior to the current release; for example, v5, v6, and v7 can be upgraded to v8 however v4 is ineligible. For more information as well as pricing, please visit our webstore here.


If you accidentally purchase a new license instead of an upgrade, please do not register the license to your account or activate it on a device as this will void the ability for us to issue a refund.  Instead, please contact for further assistance.