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Measurement and Application FAQs

How do I use 10EaZy with Smaart v8? 🎥
View the video below for an introduction to the Maximum Average Manager: Sma... more
How do I use the new SPL metering functions in Smaart v8.2? 🎥
View the video below for a quick tour of the new enhanced SPL meters in Smaart v... more
Smaart Basics 1: How do I quickly set up my input device and initial measurements? 🎥
View our video tutorial below to learn how to start taking measurements with Sma... more
Smaart Basics 2: How do I set up a Transfer Function and Transfer Function Average? 🎥
View our video tutorial below to learn how to create Transfer Function measureme... more
How do I calibrate Smaart for SPL? 🎥
Smaart v8 | FAQ | How to Calibrate Smaart for SPL ( ... more
What are the recommended audio interfaces for use with Smaart? 🎥
Smaart v8 | FAQ | Recommended Audio Interfaces ( fro... more
Is the Smaart v8 API compatible with programs using the v.7 API (Lake Controller, iRemote, Apex)?
From 8.0.2 and newer, the Smaart v8 API is backwards compatible with the v7 API ... more
Does Smaart still work with Lake/Labgruppen/Lake Controller?
SmaartLive 5.4 and the Analyzer Bridge The Dolby® Lake® Analyzer Bridge was ... more
Will Smaart do 'this'?
Smaart can do a lot of things. It's used for measuring sound reinforcement syste... more
Can I backup my Smaart configuration settings? 🎥
Smaart v8 | FAQ | Backing up Smaart Configuration Files ( more
Why does the audio output from Smaart pause/skip/stutter etc while performing measurements? 🎥
Smaart v8 | FAQ | Why does my Audio Stutter? ( from ... more
How do I use the Wave/WDM input driver for a device with more than two physical inputs? 🎥
Smaart v8 | FAQ | Wave Audio Driver Tips ( from the ... more