Apple has officially released MacOS 10.15 Catalina, which eliminates support for 32-bit applications.

Please read this knowledge base article before upgrading.

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How to automatically launch Smaart on a schedule in macOS
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Smaart SPL Quick Start 🎥
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Getting Started with the Webserver 🎥
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Introduction to SPL and Leq 🎥
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How do I update Smaart to the latest version? 🎥
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Why is my measurement pausing/skipping/stuttering? 🎥
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How do I use the Wave/WDM input driver for a device with more than two physical inputs? 🎥
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How do I manage my Smaart configuration settings? 🎥
Smaart v8 | FAQ | Backing up Smaart Configuration Files ( more
How do I calibrate Smaart for SPL? 🎥
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Smaart Basics 2: How do I set up a Transfer Function and Transfer Function Average? 🎥
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Smaart Basics 1: How do I quickly set up my input device and initial measurements? 🎥
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How do I use the new SPL metering functions in Smaart v8.2? 🎥
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How do I use 10EaZy with Smaart v8? 🎥
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