Apple has officially released MacOS 11.0 Big Sur, which eliminates support for 32-bit applications.

Please read this knowledge base article before upgrading.

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Is Smaart compatible on devices using the new Apple M1 CPU?

Last updated: November 24th, 2020

For information on MacOS 11.0 Big Sur, please click here


Apple has officially begun their transition away from Intel CPUs, launching new configurations of their 13” MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini built around the just-announced Apple M1 chip. Early benchmark testing conducted by third parties indicates that these new CPUs, even paired with the budget-friendly MacBook Air or Mac Mini, will outperform most of the current Intel-based MacBook Pros. Pretty impressive!

At this time we do not recommend purchasing an M1-based Mac for use with Smaart. While Apple has reassured everyone that software designed to run on x86-64 processors will automatically translate to run on the M1, we cannot guarantee that Smaart will function properly until we get an M1-based Mac in the hands of our developers. We’ll be conducting testing over the next couple of months, so look out for an update on this subject as we approach the end of the year.