Apple has officially released MacOS 10.15 Catalina, which eliminates support for 32-bit applications.

Please read this knowledge base article before upgrading.

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How to automatically launch Smaart on a schedule in macOS
In some circumstances you may want to automate launching Smaart at a certain tim... more
Is Smaart compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)?
Smaart v8, Smaart Di v2, and Smaart SPL are all compatible with macOS 10.15 Cata... more
Do you have any videos or tutorials about Smaart?
Yes! You can find all of our up-to-date video tutorials on our Vimeo page (https... more
Do I have to pay for software updates or technical support?
Major version upgrades are paid (for example Smaart v.7, v.8, v.9....). Beyond t... more
If I upgrade to a new version of Smaart, can I still use my old version?
Each version of Smaart operates independently of all other versions, so you can ... more
What are the system requirements for Smaart? 🎥
Smaart v8 | FAQ | System Requirements ( from Rationa... more
Can I try Smaart before I buy it?
The most recent versions of Smaart and Smaart Di may be downloaded as a free (on... more
Where can I attend a training class on Smaart?
Our current class schedule is located here: more
What's the difference between the Smaart "Hard Copy Package" and the "Electronic Delivery"?
The "Hard Copy Package" purchase option for Smaart includes a CD-ROM with Window... more
Where can I buy Smaart?
You can purchase Smaart directly from our online store, or through any of our US... more
Does Smaart Support the macOS Mojave / Windows Creator / Other New OS Update?
Both Smaart v7 and Smaart v8 are currently running successfully in the most rece... more
What Operating Systems does Smaart Support?
From Smaart v6 onward, it was designed to be dual-platform. Each Smaart license ... more