Smaart Licensing and Registration

Smaart License Management:

Effective November 9th, 2009 all Smaart user licensing and registration accounts that were formerly housed at have been moved to the NEW site.  All user historical information, computer ID codes, license unlocks, license codes and most importantly username and log-in information have been retained in their entirety.

For your convenience, has been automatically redirected to for all of your license management needs (so no need to change all of those pesky bookmarks).

Smaart License Help:

With each new version of Smaart comes the joys of a new registration paradigm. Whether this is your first installation and you are just getting to know the current licensing scheme, or you are trying to move your license and (re)install on new/additional computer, or you are just trying to remember the details of a past installation scheme, these pages are here to help answer your questions.

Smaart v7 Licensing & Installation Help

Smaart v6 Licensing & Installation Help

SmaartLive v5 Licensing & Installation Help

AcousticTools v4 Licensing & Installation Help

If you still have questions, or if you have any problems installing and registering Smaart software, please feel free to contact us directly at:

Rational Acoustics, LLC
(+1) 860.928.7828