SmaartLive v5: Licensing and Installation

Installing SmaartLive v5 and obtaining a PIC.pdf

This document describes the two-stage process for installing SmaartLive v5: Step 1 – the initial temporary installation of the software. Step 2 – permanant installation using a PIC code.

Claiming your Complimentary v5.4 License.pdf

Each new license of Smaart v.6, or upgrade from v.4 to v.6, includes a complimentary SmaartLive v5.4 license. This document details the process for v6 owners to claim that software.

Rational Acoustics is responsible for processing all SmaartLive 5 PIC Requests – Please send all “Register SIA SmaartLive.txt” PIC registration files to moc.scitsuocalanoitar@ciptraams.

Remember, if you ever have any problems or questions regarding SmaartLive installation and licensing, just give a shout and we can help you.

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From the SmaartLive v5 User Guide . . .

“SmaartLive v5 Installation Procedure”

Installing SmaartLive v5 for the First Time

Installing SmaartLive on any computer for the first time is a two-stage process. The initial installation will install a temporary, 21-day time limited copy of SmaartLive to enable you to begin using the program immediately. Permanent installation of SmaartLive requires a Permanent Install Code to be created specifically for your machine by [Rational Acoustics]. During the initial installation, the SmaartLive installer will generate a text file containing the information you need to register your installation. You can simply send this file to [Rational Acoustics] or (outside the USA) the distributor from whom you purchased your copy of SmaartLive, via fax or e-mail, to obtain a Permanent Install Code.

A Word About the Legalities

Notice that when you install SmaartLive, the installation requires you indicate your acceptance of the terms of the End User License Agreement. In doing so, you are agreeing to be legally bound by the terms of this agreement.

We strongly encourage you to read the terms of the user license before accepting but if you don’t actually read the licence agreement, please read this:

SmaartLive is licensed on a single-user or, in the case of multi-station site license, a single-station basis. That means that each single user copy or single station installation can be used legally by one person on one machine at any one time.

The SmaartLive installation and copy protection mechanisms are intended to help enforce this restriction. They are not intended to create any sort of hardship for licensed users or prevent any legitimate use of the software. If you need to install your copy of SmaartLive to a second machine for your own use, e.g., on both your office machine and the notebook you computer you use in the field, that is perfectly permissible. Simply perform the initial installation on the second machine as you did on the first and send the in the registration text file generated by the installer to obtain a Permanent Install Code for the second machine. If you require additional installations for additional users, any copy of SmaartLive 5 can be converted to a multi-user site licence which allows you to add additional workstations to the license at a reduced price at any time you need them.

Reinstalling SmaartLive to the Same Computer

Once you have obtained a Permanent Install Code for a specific computer, this same code should work if you need to reinstall the software to that same computer again later for some reason. When reinstalling, the installer will ask if you already have a Permanent Install Code for this machine and if so, you can simply re-enter that code to bypass the temporary installation and registration procedure. If for some reason the installer will no longer accept the original Permanent Install Code issued for a given machine, just proceed with the temporary installation as you would for a new machine and send in the registration information generated by the installer to receive a new Permanent Install Code from [Rational Acoustics].

Installation Instructions

Installation of SmaartLive is a fairly straightforward procedure. The installation program should start automatically when insert the installation CD in your CD or DVD drive and the will guide you through installation process. If for some reason the installer does not start  automatically just double-click the My Computer icon on the Windows desktop then double-click the icon for the drive in the My Computer window.

We strongly recommend that you close all other Windows programs, particularly any automatic anti-virus and/or system monitor software you may have running, before attempting to install SmaartLive. Virtually every installation problem ever reported for SmaartLive has turned out to be the result of conflicts between the installer program and third-party anti-virus and/or system monitor utilities.

If you are installing SmaartLive to this machine for the first time, you will be asked to enter the license code from the card that was included in your package along with your name, company name and other contact information. If you are reinstalling to a machine for which have already obtained a Permanent Install Code, select the reinstall option and enter your code to go directly to the permanent installation procedure. When the installation process is completed, restart your computer if you are prompted to do so. Otherwise, you can begin using SmaartLive immediately. Just double click the SmaartLive icon on the Window desktop or click the Start button on the Windows Taskbar, then select Programs > SIA SmaartLive> SIA SmaartLive. If you experience any problems during or after installation, refer to Chapter 6 of this manual, beginning on page 184, for troubleshooting and technical support information.