Smaart v6: Licensing and Installation

Registering a Smaart 6 Installation Manually.pdf

Smaart v6’s license managment system allows for installation on two computers per license. This document details the process for changing one of those computers, or unlocking an installation off-line via a “Key File”.

Claiming your Complimentary v5.4 License.pdf

Each new Smaart v6 license, or upgrade from v.4 to v.6, includes a complimentary SmaartLive v5.4 license. This document details the process for claiming that software.

From the Smaart v6 manual . . .

Section 1.2: “Smaart 6 Software Installation”

Respect the License Agreement

Notice that when you install Smaart 6, the installation requires you indicate your acceptance of the terms of the End User License Agreement. In doing so, you are agreeing to be legally bound by the terms of this agreement. We strongly encourage you to read the End User License Agreement and we want to emphasize the following:

Smaart 6 is licensed on a single-user or, in the case of multi-station site license, a single-station basis. That means that each single-user copy or single-station installation can be used legally by one person on one machine at any one time.

The Smaart 6 installation and copy protection mechanisms are intended to help enforce this restriction. They are not intended to create any sort of hardship for licensed users or prevent any legitimate use of the software. If you need to install Smaart 6 to a second machine for your own use (e.g., on both your office machine and the notebook you computer you use in the field) that is perfectly permissible. Simply perform the initial installation on the second machine as you did on the first and register the installation at to obtain a keyfile to permanently unlock it. If you require additional installations for additional users, any Smaart 6 license can be converted to a multi-user site license that allows adding workstations at a reduced price as needed.

1.2.1 First Time Installation

Installing Smaart 6 on any computer for the first time is a two-stage process. The initial installation installs a temporary, 30-day copy of Smaart 6 to enable immediate use. Permanent installation of Smaart 6 requires a keyfile created specifically for your machine.

The installation program should start automatically (Mac and PC) upon inserting the installation CD. If the installer does not start automatically, open the CD and double-click the Setup program icon.

NOTE: We strongly recommend closing and/or disabling all programs before installing Smaart 6, particularly anti-virus and/or system monitor software.

1. When the first dialog appears, click Unlock Now to proceed with registration.Click Continue to use Smaart during the 30-day trial period. Click Purchase Smaart to buy a copy if this is a demo version. You will be routed to our website to purchase the software and then proceed with installation.

To register later, initiate the process from the About dialog. To access the About dialog on Mac OS X, select About Smaart under Smaart on the shared system menu bar. In Windows, choose Help->About Smaart.

2. If you have Internet access from this computer, click Unlock Online (this example). Otherwise, click Unlock with Keyfile to obtain the necessary information from another computer that can connect to our website. Be sure to copy the Machine Number before going to the other computer.

3. Enter your existing EAW account information or create a new account. This will enable you to log onto and view your Smaart installation information. This is very useful if you need to reinstall Smaart.

4. Click Unlock Now.

When the installation process has completed, restart your computer if prompted to do so, otherwise you can begin using Smaart 6.

If you experience problems during or after installation, see Chapter 6: Troubleshooting.