Historical Smaart Support Docs

THE SMAART DOCUMENTARIUM:A handy collection of Smaart related reference material generated over the years including manuals, tech notes, case studies and more.

Smaart v.6 User Manual The most in-depth documentation on proper operation and maximizing feature sets of the program, in addition to serving as a useful reference on test/measurement and audio/acoustic topics.
SmaartLive 5 User Manual Everything you need to know about SmaartLive 5. This comprehensive resource also serves as a useful reference on test/measurement and audio/acoustic topics.
AcousticTools 4 User Manual Get the most from AcousticTools program modules with this intensive, detailed presentation, provided in a very clear, concise format.
Installing Smaart 5 and Obtaining a PIC Updated instructions for obtaining a Permanent Install Code
Getting Started with SmaartLive A handy starting point for learning to use SmaartLive for basic measurements of audio systems and components.
Getting Started wtih SmaartLive (En Espanol) A handy starting point for learning to use SmaartLive for basic measurements of audio systems and components – EN ESPANOL
FFT Fundamentals A summary of the Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis techniques implemented in the SmaartLive measurement platform.
SmaartLive Spectrum Mode Measurements A key component of SmaartLive is the Spectrum mode, which provides a highly flexible FFT-based real-time analyzer capable of advanced measurements.
Smaart FAQ Answers to your most frequently asked questions about Smaart.
TechNote #5: Loudspeaker Impedance with Smaart Paul Henderson provides an in-depth look at loudspeaker impedance measurement and related issues in using SIA SmaartLive 5.
TechNote #4: Signal Alignment & Transfer Function Measurment Data How signal alignment (or lack thereof) affects phase and frequency response as well as the coherence of Transfer Function measurements.
TechNote #3: The “Mystery of Data Windows” De-mystifying Data Windows functions as well as some straight answers about what they are, how and why they are used, and different window types.
TechNote #2: Using the Smaart Pro Delay Locator Tips on how to get the best results from the Real-Time module’s Delay Locator. Includes measurement examples and troubleshooting advice.
TechNote #1: Transfer Function Measurement Configurations Suggestions on how to configure a test setup for Transfer Function and Delay Locator measurements. Includes diagrams for typical configurations.
Case Study #9: Interaction of Low-Frequency Drivers and Subwoofers in Dance Systems Optimizing a club system; it was a situation where many thought that room acoustics were creating a muddy LF and sub-bass sound, but analysis revealed something very different as the culprit.
Case Study #8: Polarity and its Effect on a Two-Way Loudspeaker Also looks at the effects of Room modes on Measurements in (relatively) small rooms. Basic techniques, reversed polarity in a two-way loudspeaker and more.
Case Study #7: Measuring a Measurement Microphone Michael Moe demonstrates a techinque he devised for measuring microphone response. Also click here to download the measurement data. (File requires Smaart v2.1 or higher to open)
Case Study #6: Time Correction in a Concert System The use of time correction in a concert system for a rock artist, including “pushing” the main PA system “back” to align with the band’s backline for seamless integration between the stage sound and main PA. Also click here for impulse response wav files.
Case Study #5: Live Music Show in a Midsize Auditorium Don Pearson provides a look at his approach to tuning up an installed sound reinforcement system for a live musical performance, along with tips on ways to use Smaart Pro for system setup and monitoring during a show.
Case Study #4: Multi-Cluster Reinforcement System in a Large Church Paul Henderson discusses his use of Smaart Pro Real-Time and Analysis modules to detect acoustical problems and optimize the main system in a 1,200-seat church. Also click here for a reference group file of the system response. (File requires Smaart v2.1 or higher to open)
Case Study #3: Two-Way Bi-Amplified Loudspeaker in Critical Listening Environment An approach to measuring a “multi-way” loudspeaker system using Smaart Pro, also touching upon room modes, the FPPO Transfer Function and more. Also click here for measurement data shown in the PDF document (PKZip file)
Case Study #2: Home Theater / Listening Room Addresses problems one might also encounter in a small studio control room and ther smaller listening spaces. Also,click here for a reference file of a loudspeaker system response and click here for an impulse response wav file.
Case Study #1: Domed Stadium How the Smaart Pro Analysis module was used to measure and document acoustical properties in an extremely large room. Also, click here for a wav file of the room’s impulse response measured using the Real-Time module’s Delay Locator.