Smaart v.7 Di Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Smaart v.7 and Smaart v.7 Di?

Please read the feature overview page here for information about the differences between versions.

How much does Smaart v.7 Di cost?

The U.S. Retail Price for Smaart v.7 Di is $595 USD. If you own Smaart v4, v5, or v6 and have not yet upgraded your license, you are eligible for a discounted upgrade price (see our store for details). If you decide to take a training class and purchase a license at the same time, additional discounts apply (contact moc.scitsuocalanoitar@gniniart for more information)

Where can I purchase Smaart v.7 Di?

Smaart v.7 Di can be purchased through our online Web Store, or through any one of our U.S. Dealers. If you live outside of the U.S., please contact the distributor for your territory/country. (Worldwide Sales Network)

Is there a downloadable demo of Smaart so I can evaluate it prior to purchase?

Yes. Click HERE for the Smaart v.7 Di Demo.

Does Smaart v.7 Di run on Mac or Windows?

Both! No Linux. Upon the purchase of a Smaart license you will receive links to the Mac and Windows installers (if you purchase a license code online) or a disk with both Mac and Windows installers on it (if you purchase a hard copy package).

What are the recommended system requirements for Smaart v.7 Di?

See this page for system requirements.

How many installations of Smaart do I get with each license?

Each Smaart v.7 Di license comes with 2 installations (unless otherwise noted) so it can be activated on 2 different machines (i.e. laptop and desktop, etc.) simultaneously. You can also move the license between computers through a “deactivation” procedure (see Licensing Help Guide for details). Additional installations can be purchased and added to your license if you wish to have more than 2 simultaneous Smaart computers activated.

Can I move Smaart from one computer to another?

Yes, there is a “Deactivation” process within the program that returns the installation to your license, allowing you to activate on another machine. (see Licensing Help Guide for details)

Will updating my hard drive or installing a new operating system affect my Smaart installation?

Yes, updating a hard drive and/or installing a new operating system can affect your Smaart installation by changing the Machine ID. (see Licensing Help Guide for details)

Can Smaart be “cloned” or “imaged” from a master image file onto multiple computers and still retain activation?

No. Smaart’s licensing system creates a new Machine ID for each computer that it is installed on. The Machine ID is computer-specific and cannot be shared across multiple machines. You must install Smaart individually on each machine that you wish to use it on.

My computer is configured with a Mac and Windows partition. Can I install Smaart onto both sides?

Yes, you can install Smaart onto both Mac and Windows partitions within the same computer, however each operating system will use 1 installation from your available Smaart installations.

Can I get my Smaart installation spot back if my computer is stolen or destroyed?

Yes, just contact us at moc.scitsuocalanoitar@troppus and we’ll get your license working again.

I am upgrading to Smaart v.7 Di from an earlier version, can I still use my old software after upgrading?

Yes. Smaart does not overwrite or change anything about existing previous-version Smaart installs. Multiple versions can be installed on the same computer, however you are not required to install your earlier version to install v.7 Di (the upgrade is just a price break, you still receive full installers).

I am upgrading to Smaart v.7 Di, can I sell my previous version of Smaart to a buddy?

No. Smaart licenses are non-transferrable.

I want to upgrade from an earlier version of Smaart but I don’t know my old license number. Where can I find it?

Smaart v.6 license numbers can be found by logging-in to your account at SmaartLive v.5 license numbers can be found in the “Help” menu within the program under the “About” section. Smaart v.4 license numbers can be retrieved by contacting Barb at Rational Acoustics. Please provide as much information about your v.4 license as possible when you contact her (date of purchase, company name, your name, etc…).

Where do I manage my Smaart licenses?

Smaart licenses are managed via our online license management site at All Smaart v.6, v.7, and v.7 Di owners must have an account at the license management site in order to register their license number and activate installs on that license. If you previously had an account at (for the registration of Smaart v.6) your account information (including computer IDs, license unlocks, account names, passwords, etc…) has been retained in its entirety and transferred over to so please DO NOT create a new account unless you are a new Smaart user or are upgrading from v.5 or earlier. Note: The license management accounts and the online store accounts are not syncronized. If you have a store account, you may not have an account at

I can’t remember my account name and/or password for my account. What do I do?

If you know you the email address associated with your account, you can  “Forget Your Password?” link on the main log in page to have the password sent to you. If you only know your account name, you can answer the security questions that you made when you created the account by clicking on the same “Forget your Password?” . If you have forgotten your account name and aren’t sure about the email address that you used when you created the account, you can contact us via e-mail or call us at 860-928-7828 and we can look it up for you.

If you know that you have an account, but forgot your account name or password please DO NOT create a new account. Duplicate accounts makes it very difficult for us to look up your license history. Please contact us first (with as much info as possible) to look up your existing account.

Do I have to pay for Smaart updates?

Major version upgrades are paid (for example Smaart v.7, v.8, v.9….). Beyond that are what we call “after dot” updates (for example 7.0.5, 7.1, 1.0.1, etc). These “after dot” updates include bug-fixes, feature additions, performance enhancements, etc… and these are always free to existing users.

Where do I find the latest updates for Smaart?

The latest version of the installers will always be available from within your account at If you are unsure whether or not you have the latest version, or if you think you missed an update from us, just log in to your account to check the most current version available for download. You can also check which version of Smaart you’re using by going to the “About” window within the program.

How do I update my software to the latest version?

To update to the latest version of Smaart you need to…

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Select “Your Software Licenses” on the main navigation bar
  3. Click on your Smaart license in your list of registered products
  4. On your Smaart license page, scroll down to the link to download the installer you need (Mac or Windows)
  5. Uninstall the version that you currently have installed
    *To uninstall the Windows version, use the “Add or Remove Programs” (XP) or “Programs and Features” (Windows 7 and Vista) control panel
    *To uninstall the Mac version, find the Smaart icon in your Applications folder and drag it to the trash.
  6. Install the new version by running the installer program (Windows) or dragging the new version from disk image into your Applications folder (Mac)

It is NOT necessary to deactivate or re-activate your installation or re-register your license to perform an update

How can I find out about software updates, training classes, and new product releases?

Sign up for our mailing list HERE! Whenever we add new training classes or release new software, we send out a “Rational Report” with all of our latest new. Privacy is important to us; therefore, we will not sell, rent, or give your name or address to anyone. At any point, you can select the link at the bottom of every email to unsubscribe, or to receive less or more information.

Our company bought a license of Smaart, but the guy who registered it has left the company. Can you give me the account name and password?

No. We do not divulge account names or passwords. If you don’t know the account name and password for the account holding your company’s Smaart license and you cannot get them from the former employee, the only thing we can do is to transfer the license to a new account which you would create for your company. But we can ONLY do this with the permission (in writing) from the former employee who registered the license and/or proof of purchase of the license from your company.

We highly recommend that licenses purchased for company use be registered to accounts set up as a “Business” at (this is an option when you first create an account) and not registered to individuals. If you do have company-owned licenses registered by individuals, be sure to get their account names and passwords and store them somewhere safe.

Will there be a dongle-based licensing system available?

We will not be migrating to a dongle-based system in the foreseeable future.

I think I own a Smaart license but I don’t know what version and I don’t know the license number and I can’t remember under what name it was purchased. Can you help me?