Smaart v8 FAQ


Q. When is Smaart v8 scheduled for release?
A. Smaart v8 will be released on March 15, 2016

Q. What’s new in Smaart v8?
A. For an overview of new features in Smaart v8, click HERE

Q. How much does Smaart v8 cost?
A. For an overview of Smaart v8 pricing for both new licenses and upgrades, click HERE

Q. Where can I purchase Smaart v8?
A. Smaart v8 will be available for purchase starting March 15th via the Rational Acoustics online store or from any authorized Rational Acoustics dealer or distributor. For upgrade purchases, a valid previous-version license number must be submitted at the time of order.

Q. What previous versions of Smaart are eligible for upgrade pricing?
A. Upgrade pricing is available from Smaart v7, Smaart v7 Di, Smaart v6 and SmaartLive v5. Smaart v4 is no longer eligible for upgrade pricing.

Q. Do I HAVE to upgrade to Smaart v8?
A. No. While Smaart v8 offers major new features and benefits for users, the choice to upgrade is completely yours. Smaart v7 and Smaart v7 Di will remain a supported products in terms of bug-fixes and operating system compatibility updates for at least the next 12 months. We will also continue to provide phone and email support for previous versions of Smaart. We will not, however, be adding any additional features to Smaart v7.

Q. I bought my Smaart v7 license prior to January 1, 2016. Can I still qualify for the free upgrade to Smaart v8?
A. Unfortunately, no. The grace period for free upgrades to Smaart v8 applies only to v7 licenses purchased between January 1-March 14, 2016. In the interest of fairness we are unable to make exceptions.

Q. Is there a Smaart v8 Di?
A. There is no Smaart v8 Di being released concurrently with Smaart v8. Smaart Di will be on its own development path from here. However, we will be updating Di and folding in some v8 features, likely within the year.

Q. Is Smaart v8 dual platform and what are the Operating System Requirements?
A. Yes. Smaart v8 is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
Click HERE for minimum suggested computer system requirements

Q. Is there a downloadable demo of Smaart v8 so I can evaluate it prior to purchase?
A. Yes. Beginning March 15, you can download a free 30-day demo HERE. Smaart Demos have some functionality disabled. This should not interfere with your ability to evaluate Smaart but it is very important for you to read the limitations prior to downloading the Demo

Q. How many installations of Smaart v8 do I get with each license?
A. Each Smaart v8 License comes with two installation spots so it can be installed on two different machines right off the bat. Additional installations can be purchased and added to your license if you wish to have the same license running on more than two computers. If you’re retiring a computer, you can deactivate Smaart from within the software and activate on another machine as needed.

Q. I have a Smaart v7 license with more than 2 installations on it. Can I upgrade all of the available installations?
A. Yes. You will be able to upgrade additional installations on a Smaart v7 license that has more than two installs on it. For pricing on additional installs click HERE. Details on how to upgrade additional installations will be coming soon.

Q. My computer is partitioned into Mac and Windows drives. Can I install the same Smaart v8 license onto both?
A. Yes, you can install Smaart v8 onto both Mac and Windows partitions on the same computer, however it will use two installs from your available install pool, since each OS is completely independent of the other and Smaart will generate different Machine ID’s for each.

Q. Is the API in Smaart v8 compatible with programs using the v7 API (Lake Controller, iRemote, Apex)?
A. The public API for Smaart v8 was not available for the v8.0 release. However as of version 8.0.2 and newer, Smaart v8’s API is backwards compatible with the v7 API and will work with programs that were designed to communicate with v7. 

Q. I am upgrading to Smaart v8. Can I still use my previous-version Smaart license?
A. Yes. Smaart v8 does not overwrite or change anything about existing previous-version Smaart installs. Smaart v8 can live happily side-by-side on the same machine with any previous version of Smaart.

Q. I am upgrading to Smaart v8. Can I sell my previous version of Smaart to a buddy?
A. No. Smaart licenses are non-transferrable.

Q. I want to upgrade to Smaart v8, but I don’t know my previous-version license number. Where can I find it?
A. Smaart v7 and v6 license numbers can be found by logging-in to your account at Smaart v5 license numbers can be found in the “Help” menu within the program under the “About” section.

Q. Where do I manage my Smaart v8 Licenses?
A. Smaart v8 licenses are managed via our online license management site at  If you are upgrading to Smaart v8 from v7 or v6, you can register v8 to your existing account.  If you purchase a new license of Smaart v8, you must create an account and register your v8 license number to it before you can proceed with installation & activation of your license.  This is a very important site for the management of your Smaart license, so we recommend that you bookmark it and write down your account name and password somewhere safe.

Q. I can’t remember my account name and/or password for my account. What do I do?
A. If you know your account name but have forgotten your password, the system can e-mail it to you if you click on the “Forget Your Password?” link on the main log in page. If you have forgotten your account name, you can contact us via e-mail or call us at +1-860-928-7828 and we can look it up for you.

If you have forgotten your account name/password PLEASE DO NOT just create a new account to register a Smaart v8 license. This makes it very difficult for us to look up your license history if needed and may alter your future upgrade pricing path. Please contact us first (with as much info as possible) to look up your existing account.

Q. How do I register and activate my Smaart v8 License?
A. Please see the “Smaart v8 Licensing Help Guide” for details on registering and activating your license.

Q. Do I have to pay for future Smaart v8 version updates?
A. Once you are on the v8 platform all “after dot” updates (for example v8.0.5 or v8.1 or v8.1.5….) are always free. These “after dot” updates include bug-fixes, feature add-ons, performance updates, etc…

Q. Will there be a dongle-based licensing system available?
A. There is currently no dongle-based license system available for Smaart v8.

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