Smaart Basics Course Description


The 2-day Smaart Basics class is designed to guide users through the essential tasks of configuring and running Smaart v.8 for Real-Time RTA, Spectrograph and Transfer-Function Measurements.

Shorter and more condensed than the 3-day Smaart Operator Fundamentals class, Smaart Basics provides only an overview of the Impulse Response mode functionality of Smaart and focuses less on system measurement theory and more on practical application and deployment of Smaart in everyday system engineering tasks.

Live measurements will be be featured throughout the class to demonstrate how and and why specific features function as they do, as well as how to interpret the data obtained to achieve reliable measurements. Hands-on practical application exercises using the standard Smaart v.8 platform are the primary focus of this course. Smaart Di users may use the v.8 demo for instructional purposes, and apply the techniques and processes used for essential system engineering tasks to their work environment. 

This class serves as a thorough, practical hands-on introduction to the Smaart platform for new users, or as a refresher course for existing users.

Topics Covered Include (but not limited to):

Context: Why & How we use Smaart:
What is sound and how do we analyze it ? / Waveform, Transforms & FFT / Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain / What measurements do we make: Dual-Channel vs. Single-Channel Measurements / Spectrum & Transfer Function Measurements/Physical Measurement Configurations

Smaart v.8:

Interface Overview/ Input Device Configuration / Measurement Control / Data Capture/ View Control /Single Channel Measurements (RTA & Spectrograph) /SPL Calibration/ Dual-Channel Measurements (Transfer Function) / Multi-Channel Measurement Issues/Impulse Response Mode

Measurement Exercises :

RTA long term response analysis & spotting trends / Spectrograph spotting feedback and resonances / Determining relative level/ Multi-position averaging /Loudspeaker equalization / Polarity vs. Phase / Delay Systems / Subwoofer Alignment

The Smaart Basics course is open to all interested persons.  Prior system alignment experience is not required, but is definitely helpful. This course assumes a working knowledge of professional sound system engineering practices and basic audio fundamentals. If you have any questions concerning course prerequisites, please do not hesitate to contact Rational Acoustics prior to registration.