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RME BabyFace Pro

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The RME Babyface Pro is an excellent desktop format audio interface for use with Smaart. RME has long been considered a benchmark for their very high precision AD/DA conversion and transparency. Smaart users who intend to use their RME interface for critical recording and playback applications will find it to be a wonderful addition to their rigs. It offers a similar connectivity as the Scarlett 4i4, however the 2 microphone preamps are dedicated XLR, not XLR/TRS combination inputs.

Where the RME really punches above its weight class is the featureset found within the Total Mix control application, where users can access myriad well-designed features including digital loopback, input pad, and basic dynamics, FX, and equalization on each input, and equalization on each output. The two preamps have a discrete relay-driven pad which changes their maximum input level between +10dBu and +20dBu making either suitable for SPL measurement with high or low sensitivity microphones*. Each preamp also offers up to 76 dB of gain, adjustable in 1 dB steps. Users who wish to expand their channel count may do so via the optical TOSLINK I/O port, increasing the channel count fully by 12 in and 12 out. The RME Babyface is a fantastic device for users who require reference-grade conversion and additional functionality to augment their Smaart rigs beyond the most basic configurations it can achieve.

*As a rule of thumb, multiply the mic’s sensitivity in mV/Pa by 200 to determine its voltage output at 140 dB SPL, our target for concert-level SPL measurement. For example, if your microphone has a sensitivity of 34 mV/Pa, at 140 dB SPL it will produce a voltage of 6.8Vrms or +19dBu. As long as that number (in this case +19dBu) is less than the preamp’s maximum input level at minimum gain, you can be confident that the interface can accommodate signal peaks without overloading.


  • 2 XLR mic preamps
  • 2 XLR outputs
  • 2 Line inputs
  • Lightweight, compact form that fits easily in a laptop bag or measurement kit
  • 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz sample rate support

2 XLR inputs, 2 TRS inputs:

  • Max. Input Level (XLR): +10dBu and +20dBu (with pad engaged)
  • Max. Input Level (TRS): 24dBu (at minimum gain)
  • Gain range: 76dB

System Requirements:

Mac - OSX v10.12 (Sierra) or later
Windows - 7 or later

For full product specifications, please visit the manufacturers product page HERE.

Please note, we are only authorized to ship RME products to customers within the United States.