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iSEMcon Li.LAC Microphone Disinfector

iSEMcon Li.LAC Microphone Disinfector

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The iSEMcon Li.LAC provides low impact, contactless cleaning and disinfection through ultraviolet light (UV-C).

Simply place your microphones on the stainless-steel grille, close the irradiation chamber and press "Start". Each disinfection cycle takes approximately 5-10 minutes, with a 2 minute pre-heat time for cold UV-C lamps.

The steel grille can accommodate up to 3 handheld mics or handheld transmitters.  It is also possible to disinfection other items like headsets or lavalier mics.

Li.LAC has been verified by an independent, accredited laboratory. The results showed a reduction of 99.3% of viral load on strongly contaminated microphones (including the metal grille and foam underneath) after 10 minute irradiation inside a Li.LAC unit.  (for full disinfection rate information click HERE).
* The exact surface disinfection level varies with the type of virus or bacteria and with the shape and the surface of the microphone or object to be disinfected.

The UV-C sources inside Li.LAC are low-pressure mercury vapor lamps of the latest generation. The irradiation chamber of Li.LAC is light tight and no harmful UV radiation is emitted outside the chamber. The UV-C lamps can only be activated with the hatch closed. A safety switch immediately deactivates the UV-C lamps, if the chamber gets opened while the disinfection process is running. The ultraviolet emission through the gap around the hatch is <10µW/cm².

Intense UV-C light (like the one used inside Li.LAC) has a wearing effect especially on plastics, foams and paint and powder coatings. Multiple long-time exposure tests with various microphones have been conducted and the results show that the aging / wearing effect implied by UV-C disinfection inside Li.LAC  is negligible compared to the normal aging that happens to the microphones (due to mechanical impacts, dirt, humidity, temperature etc.). The exact test results can be found here.


Operating conditions: room temperature (0°C to 40°C)
Power supply and mains voltage: 110-240V~ or 220-240V~ ±10%, 50-60Hz, 50W
UV-C wavelength: 254nm
UV-C irradiance @ microphone head: >800µW/cm²
UV-C irradiance @ microphone shaft: >350µW/cm²
UV-C lamps life time: 9000h (according to lamp manufacturer). Replacement of the UV-C lamps after 5000 disinfection cycles is recommended in order to ensure an optimum disinfection level.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 18.87 in. D x 5.19 in. H x 15.35 in. W (16.9 incl. handles),
Format: 19" 3U rack format
Weight: 24.25 lbs