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10EaZy RT System

10EaZy RT System

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Key Features

10EaZy RT System Includes:

  • Limited feature 10EaZy SPL monitoring software (via download)
  • Dedicated USB interface
  • Proprietary, calibrated 1/2" Class 2 measurement microphone with windscreen and clamp
  • USB cable
  • 5-meter BNC mic cable

10EaZy RT Software Features:

  • Large, easy-to-read main display
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple standard formats of SPL display
  • Leq value and history display
  • Extra scalable display for additional information or public viewing output
  • Webserver allows for remote viewing of any number of 10EaZy systems
  • E-mail server - receive measurement results via e-mail instantly upon closing the system
  • Logfile- Key values of the measurement are stored as .jpg for easy reference

Dedicated USB Interface Features:

  • IEC61672 Class 2 compliant
  • Pre-Calibrated, dedicated soundcard
  • No external gain setting options
  • 100% tamper proof
  • 10EaZy Class 2 Measurement Microphone Features:
  • IEC61672 Class 2 compliant
  • Pre-Calibrated
  • Microphone capsule from Cirrus Research
  • Engraved serial number
  • Windscreen and 1/2 inch microphone clamp

System Requirements

All 10EaZy software is Windows ONLY. XP or Windows 7 operating system or newer.

If you desire 10EaZy measurement on a Mac OS, or more than one measurement input at a time, consider using the 10EaZy integration in Smaart v8 or Smaart SPL.

Warranty Information

10EaZy system hardware carries a one (1) year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty is valid from the date of original retail purchase and is a non-transferable warranty that extends only to the original purchaser.

Warranty does not cover or apply to (a) misuse, mishandling, and abuse, (b) products that have been modified, altered, or repaired by an unauthorized party (c) normal wear and tear, (d) damage that has occurred during shipping, (e) loss or theft, (f) damage caused by accident, fire, flood, lighting, or other force majeure events.

For evaluation/repair the entire 10EaZy system (microphone, interface & cable) must be returned to Rational Acoustics.

Upon evaluation (within the one-year warranty period):

  • If any of the hardware components (microphone or interface) is found to have a manufacturing defect, a replacement will be provided, the system will be recalibrated free-of-charge and returned with shipping charges prepaid.
  • If the hardware components do not have a manufacturing defect and are undamaged, but cannot be brought back up to spec, you can purchase a replacement microphone/microphone capsule or interface and we will recalibrate the system free-of-charge and return the system to you with shipping charges prepaid.
  • If any of the hardware components is found to be physically damaged, modified, or altered you can purchase a replacement microphone/microphone capsule or interface and have us recalibrate & return the system for a $100 bench fee (plus return shipping charges).

Upon evaluation (outside of the one-year warranty period):

  • You can purchase a replacement microphone/microphone capsule or interface and have us recalibrate & return the system for a $100 bench fee (plus return shipping charges).

    ** NOTE: Class 1 and Class 2 microphone capsules must adhere to strict tolerances to maintain their compliance, and as a result are far more sensitive instruments than the typical microphones found in a production environment. After some use, it is common that the 10EaZy microphones will simply succumb to the environment they are in - moisture builds up in the backplate of the capsule or hazer/fog fluid finds its way to the microphone, wear and tear to the BNC connection over time, etc.

    As such, they should be considered as consumables that will eventually need to be replaced. The rate at which they will need to be replaced is depended on the conditions above, and how well they are taken care of in terms of storage and transportation when not in use.

    For all 10EaZy system evaluation/repairs (warranty and non-warranty) please email Rational Support with a description of your system’s problem, the system serial number and proof of purchase (your order receipt or order # and date of purchase).

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    Please note that we can only ship 10EaZy products within North America.

    10EaZy RT is a more budget friendly Class 2 compliant version of the 10EaZy SPL Monitoring System. It features the same tamper-free high-quality hardware as the fully featured Class 2 system, but with a reduced feature-set software. If you do not need a running order, an event log or a minute by minute resolution logfile for post processing of measurement results, and can do with a single jpeg file listing a compilation of key measurement results, then 10EaZy RT is a cost effective solution for your SPL monitoring needs.

    For a feature comparison between the 10EaZy software, click here.

    PLEASE NOTE:  10EaZy RT Systems cannot be upgraded to fully-featured 10EaZy software systems without returning the hardware for recalibration (shipping and labor costs will apply).  Please be sure that the reduced feature-set software included with 10EaZy RT will meet your needs prior to ordering.

    The full calibration report and certificate for each Class 1, Class 2, and Class 2 RT system are available upon request, simply provide Rational Acoustics with your preamp serial number, and we will email you the .pdf data.

    Smaart v8 and SPL users may use their 10EaZy Class 1, Class 2, or RT hardware to generate class compliant SPL data within the Smaart platform. This expands on 10EaZy software allowing for multiple inputs, and cross platform support (Mac and Windows based operating systems). 

    The 10EaZy software can be downloaded from the 10EaZy parent site here. Please note that 10EaZy software is an x86 based application and requires a PC with x86 architecture and will not run on laptops, tablets, etc with ARM processors. This does not apply to the 10 EaZy Smaart Integration.