Rational Acoustics

February 8th, 2019, 04:53 PM
I'm new here and relatively new to smaart as well.
I have tannoy vqnet 100 mid tops that I acquired 2nd hand.
After using them a couple of times I felt something wasn't quite right in the hf section. Info is as follows.
Dual 12" semi horn loaded from 70hz to 450hz, and a bms 4592nd dual concentric compression driver from 450hz to 22k. 450hz is dsp generated and the 2" to 1" just has a cap to give a 1st order high pass at 7k. Tannoy tell me this is all that's needed as the 2" is textbook acoustically.
I've contacted tannoy on numerous occasions but still no better off with my problem . Ive taken some smaart measurements that seem to show the 2" to 1" are out of phase with each other seen by the null at 7k. So I have inverted the 1" and this gives a better magnitude, however it now looks to me like the phase is wrong.
Really appreciate any help I can get with these are they are supposed to be very phase coherent cabs, and what im seeing and hearing doesn't seem right.
I would particularly appreciate learning about what I should be seeing with phase as I've seen someone else's measurements of the same drivers but in a different cab and he has a single line from 450hz to around 10k when it tails off, whereas I have more wraps, and doesn't go down past the 900hz mark.