Rational Acoustics

December 9th, 2016, 09:51 PM

I'm wondering if anyone can help shed some light on the practical uses of Bessel filters as opposed to other common types such as LR ans BW. Im attaching a screenshot (made in SysTune so that IRs can be overlayed) of a Bessel filter that I measured as opposed to LR ans BW. I have the DSP set to 80Hz and 48dB, just so I can see the most extreme example. To me, its strange how the Bessel filter looks like a higher frequency all together, but I know it isn't. Is the benefit the transient behavior of the filter. It seems to have considerably less "ringing" than the other two.

I figured that asking the brilliant audio minds that regularly frequent this forum would yield me some realistic, real world answers. Thanks in advance :)


Timo Beckman
December 13th, 2016, 02:19 PM
Hi Niick
Bessel filters are a bit typical from brand to brand (the fun really starts with different peq or phase filters).

With the Galileo from meyer sound you need to check the -6dB points when using the elliptic filters in it. If you want a acoustic x-over at 100Hz and set that as the x-over frequency you'll find you have to change the frequency in galileo since it only drops by 3dB at the x-vr frequency you set in the unit.
hope this helps a little.