Rational Acoustics

June 6th, 2016, 11:38 AM
Greetings all!

First post here, and right off the bat I'll admit I'd classify myself as a "slightly informed beginner (enough to know what I don't know)" when it comes to room acoustics.
But, I am certain I am in the company of many who know FAR more than I will ever be able to fully grasp. That being said, what better way to learn?

Alright, so here's my question. I've had a small home studio for years and have been able to get pretty good results acoustically in the rooms I've been in. But recently, I moved to a new location with a less than ideal space for the studio.

Because I was noticing some major troughs and peaks in my low end response I measured from the mixing position and came up with this trace averaged from 6 tests.

Speakers: 2 Yamaha MSP5A's
Test Mic: was Audix TM1


Now measuring each speaker individually one at a time, I get these traces:


Now based on the fact that the two peaks get larger when measuring both speakers, I assume they are in phase, and the frequencies in between there are out of phase. But is that correct?

So with my beginning knowledge, I'm fairly certain the two peaks are due to room modes, but I'm trying to learn to decipher the phase analysis trace to learn why there is such a drastic dip at 125hz-140hzish can someone point me in the direction of some information to learn to better read what Smaart is telling me in the phase domain?

Thanks in advance for helping this beginner out!