Rational Acoustics

Kip Conner
January 29th, 2011, 12:55 PM
This might be totally unnecessary for most users on this forum, especially those that are system techs.

I have the pleasure of being my own system tech which means that I have to put in a little more effort and can blame no one but myself. What it also means is that I have to handle the response of the FOH and Monitor system- specifically the man in the middle that writes the checks.

Last night was the first night that I used v7 and didn't turn on V6. I don't own a multi-input device yet so I set up 4 inputs from 2 devices and set-up two pairs of TF's. One M30 lived with me at the FOH mix position and the other measurement mic lived on a claw pointed to the floor monitor. I was able to view both TF's simultaneuously, but wondered if it would be easier to open up a double paned Transfer screen so I could view the two systems independently.

Being able to insert one pair's magnitude top window and the other pair in the bottom window. Essentially I am measuring two independent systems even though they interact by way of the vocal mic.

Also I typically do not use the phase display during a show setting, but use the magnitude in the bottom half and the RTA in the top half. Is there hot key system that could be established that could allow to tailor what you want to see without making so many mouse clicks? Instead of pushing F to get you to the Magnitude/Phase Window- maybe push Control F to give you this option?

Thanks for all of the work you guys are doing, it's making my life so much easier to be able to monitor various systems and it's take some of the guess work on what it "might" sound like on stage- or at least in front of the money man's monitor.

Oh and did the Note ID go away? That was pretty handy for dealing speaking to musicians in their terms. It was some what of a geek to artist translator.

January 31st, 2011, 11:01 AM

Both of those features are on the radar. Though can't comment on when/if they will be added to a future build. We have no shortage of work to do, so a large challenge is prioritizing projects and features.

Kip Conner
January 31st, 2011, 07:48 PM
the fundamentals are all there so the rest are just features, thanks for your hard work to commune with the end users.