Rational Acoustics

Tom Morse
July 20th, 2013, 12:56 PM
I was checking out my rig before taking measurements with 7 microphones and was suprised that input 7 was 7 db lower than inputs 1 thru 6 set at the same trim. Input 8 was my noise input so I did not check that until I had time. Roland responded with the following.

Thank you for your email. Inputs 7 and 8 were designed to take a little bit of higher input levels than Input 1 though 6--to have plenty of headroom even when using microphones to record loud sources such as a bass drum. This is why you are seeing a dB difference. Below are the specifications for the OCTA-CAPTURE's XLR inputs to help clarify. To compensate for the difference in level, you can set the input gain for input 7 and input 8 +6dB higher than that of inputs 1 through 6.

Input Jack 16 (XLR type)
-56 to -6 dBu
Input Jack 78 (XLR type)
-50 to +0 dBu

Input Jack 16 (XLR type)
+10 dBu
Input Jack 78 (XLR type)
+16 dBu

We hope this information is helpful! Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We are happy to help you.

Roland Product Support

So those of you who haven't used inputs 7 and 8 for mics be forewarned.

Tom Morse