Rational Acoustics

"Where are the old forums?"

On August 15th, 2019, we shut the forums down and converted it to this archive. The archive will remain up indefinitely so you can continue to reference the knowledge within, but posting and creating new posts has been disabled. For more details, you can see the original forum announcement.

Don't be alarmed, you still have many great options for receiving technical support for Smaart, and for enjoying engaging discussions with industry professionals on topics of system tuning and tweakistry.

If you are looking for Smaart technical support, please view our support knowledgebase or submit a support request.

To join in the discussion, you can become a part of our Smaart Facebook Users group. If you are not on Facebook, you can visit us on the r/Smaart Reddit commmunity, as well as the related r/livesound and r/audioengineering communities.

The Rational Acoustics Team.