Earthworks M23R Now Available

Earthworks M23R Now Available

The M23R is an omnidirectional measurement microphone with an operating frequency range of 3Hz to 23kHz. 

The unique thing about this mic is that each and every M23R has the same frequency response and sensitivity, matched to within +/- .5dB across the entire operating frequency range. This allows any M23R mic to act as a matched pair (or triple or quad) with ANY other M23R mics.  You don't have to buy a matched set right off the bat. You can build your own matched array of reference mics at your own speed as time and budgets allow.  Simply add more M23Rs whenever you need them.  Or equip your whole production team with mics you know will match, no matter who is working the gig.  And if one of your M23Rs gets stolen, or run over by a forklift, you'll probably still cry... but you won't have to replace an entire matched set of mics.  You can just buy a new M23R (hopefully with insurance money) and it'll match your remaining one(s). They'll match today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now. 

The M23R is priced at $599 each and comes with a mic clip, calibrator adaptor and calibration chart. Electronic calibration files can be requested directly from Earthworks after a mic has been purchased and registered via the Earthworks online product registration site.

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