Smaart Training Webinar Lesson #8

April 15, 2020

Smaart Operator Fundamentals Online Lesson #8 – “Phun with Phase Response”

Join us for session #8 of the Smaart Operator Fundamentals Online webinar series, livestreaming today at 2PM Eastern Time (6PM UTC).

Today’s session is Transfer Function Part 3: “Phun with Phase Response”

Topics include:

  • Why Measure Phase Response? – What are we using it for?
  • Reading the Phase Trace
    ◦ Time Offset (Delay/Latency)
    ◦ Phase Shift (Filtering)
    ◦ Polarity (Wiring)
  • Minimum Phase and “No Free Lunch”
  • It’s all about our TF measurement’s Time Reference
    ◦ What is our T0?
  • Reading Time Offset
    ◦ It’s all in the slope of the trace.

For those who can’t tune-in live, the session will be archived and available for viewing afterwards via the Smaart Operator Fundamentals Online YouTube playlist.

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