Rational Acoustics Announces Emoji-based Licensing System

April 1, 2020

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Rational Acoustics Announces New Emoji-Based Licensing System
Rational Acoustics, developers of industry-leading sound system measurement and analysis software Smaart, has unveiled a new emoji-based license activation system.
The new system allows users to activate their Smaart software licenses using a string of emojis, rather than the alpha-numeric strings used in previous versions of the software, a change intended to “increase the relevance of audio analysis tools to the up-and-coming young engineers in the field,” according to Smaart Product Manager Chris Tsanjoures “One of our ongoing priorities is to ensure that the next generation of sound engineers has access to a tool that’s laid out in a language they understand.”
When activating a new Smaart installation, users will now be prompted to enter a series of emojis in lieu of the traditional numbers and letters. Activation codes contain a selection of classic emojis including Winky Face, Sunglasses Smiley, Facepalm, and Eggplant.
For example:
Smaart v8 License Code:
In order to help Smaart license owners remain secure in the modern digital age, the new licensing system incorporates sophisticated “check patterns” that help Rational support staff spot stolen and invalid license codes. “I can’t go into specifics for obvious reasons,” explains Chris’s son, George Tsanjoures (no relation), who serves as Rational’s Director of Youth Outreach, “but let’s just say there are some very specific rules that govern the placement of the ‘poop’ emoji.” This new state-of-the-art license validation system is just another example of Rational’s commitment to keeping customer licenses safe and secure.
“This is just the first step for us,” promises Rational Acoustics president Jamie Anderson. “We’ve always tried hard to be at the forefront of innovation, and we have some truly game-changing features currently in development.” Anderson noted that this is the first step in a complete overhaul of Smaart’s control paradigm, stating that the highly anticipated Smaart v9 will be driven completely by a meme-based user interface.
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