MacOS Catalina

October 4, 2019

MacOS Catalina is coming, Please read the following important announcement about Smaart compatibility with Catalina.

October 4, 2019 -We’ve been informed that macOS Catalina is rolling out to Mac users at some point in the next week. Please be aware that at this time the official release of Smaart v8 (up to and including v8.3.1) is NOT compatible with Catalina. If you own Smaart v8, and want to install Catalina, you’ll need to download the v8 Beta build from the Downloads section within your account at
We will release an update to Smaart Di v2 later today to support Catalina, and Smaart v8.4 will graduate from “Beta” within the next few weeks.
We strongly advise against upgrading to macOS Catalina for a few months while audio device manufacturers roll out stable drivers for the new OS.
NOTE: Smaart v6, Smaart v7, Smaart v7 Di, and the Smaart I-O Control Application are no longer in development and will not be updated to support the new OS.

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